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Hanging or the newbie pe routine

Hanging or the newbie pe routine

Ok so should you start with the pe newbie routine or just go to hanging? Or both? I strictly want to work on length for the 1st 6 months

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You should absolutely start with the newbie routine…that’s what its for. You have to condition your cock somewhat before you go to the more advanced exercises like hanging. You should do the newbie routine for at least 3 months and stick to it.

You could seriously hurt yourself if you go straight to hanging and then your would have to stop PE in order to heal.

One thing you need to learn about PE is that you don’t want to overdo things because all that will result in is pain and negative results.

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New PE-ers usually are able to get easy gains from the newbie routine. I suggest that you do the newbie routine for a maybe one or two months and get all the gains that you can from manual stretching and move on to more advanced exercises after that.

You should be able to make your initial ‘newbie’ gains ‘relatively’ easily using the newbie routine. It’s pretty simple, you don’t have to buy any equipment and it’s relatively safe (that’s not to say it won’t require consistent effort).

Hanging is an advanced technique, and should really only be attempted once you’ve properly conditioned your penis (which the newbie routine will help you do).

Learn and use the newbie routine, be consistent with your efforts, keep a record of your gains, and only switch to a new or more advanced routine when your gains start to noticeably slow (be consistent with your efforts both because it’s the only way to get meaningful gains, and because it’s the only way to be truly confident of when you should switch or alter your routine).

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