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Hanging now or later

Hanging now or later

I’m only on my first week,at what point should weight hanging begin?


Was thinking about the same thing myself. Lets see what the pros say

Hang only after you are done with your newbie routine(3 months) if you want your dick in working order.

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Yet newbies do the newbie routine. It is not only for gaining but for conditioning. There are things out there in the PE world unfathomable for newbies. It is like Jedi training for your dick. If you don’t do it right you could turn to the dark side of PE and then one of the Veterans here will have to dispose of you. Now, you don’t want that now do you?

The guys are right (except for the part about disposing you, only if you really fuck up and break the rules do we do that).

Stay with the newbie routine for the 3 months that is suggested, then and only then consider more advance techniques. This has become the standing joke around here, but repeat after me newbies: I have one penis, I will not hurt it. Trying more advanced stuff right now could have and most likely will have a negative impact on what you are trying to accomplish. Injuries are a BAD thing, they make you take long breaks to let it heal, and you can’t gain anything if you can’t touch your dick because you hurt it.

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