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Hanging newbie uncut

Hanging newbie uncut

Hello guys,

I’m very, very new to this whole PE-thing, and currently in my second week of “newbie routine”. So, basically I’m really small and have decided I’m going to devote at least a year to this (I know gains are really slow), and eventually I might even go with a non-surgical way (most likely PMMA for those familiar with it) to gain girth, as I am very, very thin (something like 4.13” in MSEG). My length while perhaps not as catastrophical is really bad too at 5.8” BPEL. From what I’ve been able to read up on, gaining girth is really sketchy and not necessarily even possible for everyone through manual PE (or even using equipment), whereas it seems very few fail to gain length if they just keep at it. I do plan to finish the newbie routine (which would be somewhere late january or so), and from what I’ve read the single best way to gain length is by hanging, all other alternatives seems to not even be close. Yes, I’m aware this will create even more of a pencil dick than I have right now, but as I somewhat doub’t I will be able to gain that much girth without actually doing something medicine-related (no, I refuse to do surgery, I could perhaps cut my ligaments to avoid a somewhat turtling penis but that’s about it, but PMMA/FFT doesn’t seem even remotely as scary as real surgery), I don’t see a big problem with gaining length before doing PMMA in the future. Something like 1-1.3” (having a 7” BPEL would make be incredibly happy lengthwise) in 1-1.5 years would be supercool, and then be able to perhaps do this PMMA should it turn out that the pioneers ain’t having anything more than minor complications at most (yes I know, still doesn’t say much about complications 5 years+ but I’m in very bad shape self-esteem wise here).

So, basically I’ve been looking at a bib starter, but have also been reading about uncut guys (I’m european) using vacuum hangers instead.any suggestions? And will I being uncut even be able to use the bib starter, the majority of all of you are cut so it’s hard to find good info on that. I have a really bad flaccid length, just above 2.75” NBEP for most of the day at it’s smallest, randomly unturtles and becomes 4” on and off though, and something 4” FLBP, (yes I have been blessed with a fatpad too without being much overweight at all, heh, will get rid of that through rigorous weight-lifting though).

So basically, given hanging seems to be the way to go after the newbie routine, how does that work out for me being uncut and rather small to start with? Any ideas/suggestions are welcome, even unrelated to my exact questions of course. I’ve got basically unlimited amount of time fwiw.

Thanks in advance guys.

I suggest you do the newbie routine and build on it before spending any money. I personally gained 1” of length using only hands. I advise you to do manual exercises for at least 6 months before moving on to hanging. As long as you can gain using your hands, you don’t need to hang. Naturally, some people respond better to manual stretching and some people respond better to hanging. You need to find this out on your own.

As for hanging uncut vs. cut, we uncut guys drew the short end of the stick. In other words, regular (non-vacuum) hanging is much more difficult if you have foreskin. I can attest to this because I tried non-vacuum and vacuum hanging. Wrapping alone is pain in the ass and has a steep learning curve, while vacuum hanging requires no wrapping at all and allows longer sets because there’s nothing blocking the blood flow. There is a risk of blisters from all the pressure on glans, though. These are things you will have to research on your own.

I don’t have experience with either Bib’s hanger of monkeybar’s vacuum products, but given your size and lack of circumcision, you’re probably better off with vacuum hanging.

I’m not sure what’s PMMA, but even so, you can gain girth without it. There are manual exercises, pumping and clamping. Girth is usually harder to gain and seems more “volatile”, but it’s worth the effort and definitely possible.

Welcome to forums, take care and good luck. :)

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Yes you can hang with Bib even if you are uncut. Just don’t pull the skin fully back. It won’t work.

I’m uncut and hanging 20 lbs with Bib hardcore, comfortably without slipping or skin stretch. I have pretty long foreskin so I can leave it almost fully over my glans when I wrap.

Hello guys, please tell me what BPEL and MSEG means ?? I think there are more words like this which I don’t understand and I don’t know where to find translation ( my English is very poor) greetings

I read all your thread so here’s what I think, first hanging also increase girth by all I have read, some guys here in thunder even recommended me to start hanging 2-3 months from now, because I have a baseball shape dick and want to distribute my girth, second I guess it’s too soon for you to start hanging this type of PE can be considered heavy unless you put too little weight but then there’s almost no difference from pulling it with your hands I mean it would almost apply the same traction, third I’m guessing you are young haven’t see you profile yet but anyway you should be patient PE can get you 1 inch on girth of course it would be very hard but still possible and for the last the first weeks are about warm up and getting your unit ready for the real workout, good luck and I hope you get good gains

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