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Hanging for 2 and a half months, gains posted and questions

Hanging for 2 and a half months, gains posted and questions

In the first few weeks I could hang nothing heavier than 10 pounds. Was just too scary to hang more. But I quickly moved up to 18 pounds and then after the holidays, I can now hang 20 pounds. Im using Bib Hanger. Makes me wonder if Im doing something wrong. It just doesnt seem too heavy, I could prob go a bit heavier. I think my skin has stretched quite a bit.

Ever since the holidays I have not been as regular in my hanging as I would like. I have tried to make up for this by manually stretching when I have time. Since I had a LOT at around 8 am, I try to stretch upward given that I have no clue how to hang upward or OTS. I have gained a half inch, and look a little bit thicker. The cock feels stronger and seems bigger to my sex partners. Starting out at 7 1/2 and 5 1/4, and having achieved 8 x 5 1/2, I desire 9 x 6.

To continue to reach my goal, I dont know where to go from here. What is ADS? Can anyone recommend the best ADS? Where to buy them? Am I right to focus more on manual stretching up, since my LOT is Low? I have not done any girth exercises. I have read that length should be first focus, then girth.

What do you think?

wla, sorry, but we can not release copyrighted pictures.

Hey wlawonder,

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Welcome aboard:

Sounds as if you are off to a good start, your current length is my goal, and you have probably the best hanger available, so you should be on your way to a longer and fater dick. LOT of 8 doesn’t sound that low to me. My LOT is so low I can lift 12 lbs BTC just by kegaling. But if you want some Ideas how to hang high read the hangers forum and use the search engine. If you still have questions about OTS hanging and rigging an ADS to pull up, pm me and I’ll tell you how to set up a cheap pulley system.
Good Luck

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