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Hanging Confusion.

Hanging Confusion.

Hey guys.

Been hanging with a Capt’s Wench for a while now and my routine is 45-60 mins a day in 3 sets.
I would very much like to add more sets but I only have that much time. Add to that the 10-15 minutes taking off the hanger and wrap, light jelqing, rewarming and rewrapping.
So far noticed a lot of thickening in the base so I guess I know I’m targeting the ligs quite successfully now.

I don’t expect to see immediate length gains but is thicker base a bad sign?
Before I hang my unit used to be wide at the glans and Midshaft and thin at the base. Now the base seems to be catching up with the rest.

Now I’ve done a bit of research and read about guys hanging for 45 minute sets and I think how is that even possible!?
I’ve had my glans turn WHITE and NUMB one of my hanging sessions and immediately stopped all PE that day.

The thought of having a headless dick scared me.
I now do my hanging sessions with a hot bag to keep the blood circulating but even then the glans still gets a little bit cold by the end of a 20 min set.

I even read about the legendary Bib continuously hanging 7am - 4pm and I am just mindblown.

Bib the bib you can only hang around 20 min but there are hanger like LG hanger that work with vacuum system. Do you know them ? People can hang longer sets using less weight and reaching fatigue too.

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