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Hanging and stretching.

Hanging and stretching.

So I have the Autoexttender now and been using it happily the last month or so!:)

No I was wondering if I use the vacuum head attachment to hang a bit it wouldn’t hurt.But I was wondering,what REALLY is the difference between stretching and hanging?

I had the idea of hanging with a little weight as I sleep(I have a plan on how),but was wondering what the benefit would be.

Hanging while you sleep????

Dude…seriously. You have one penis.

If I hang a small weight,won’t the force be the same as wearing an ADS?

Originally Posted by Embrance
If I hang a small weight,won’t the force be the same as wearing an ADS?

Possibly if you do it in the right way and the weight cannot slip and fall causing your dick to wrench out or if you have a pet like a dog which jumps on it. OUCH!! But also you can’t really hang that long because the wrap and hanger you wear would cut of circulation to your dick. I’m not a hanger but I know they take it off and jelq abit so sleeping for like 8 hours with a hanger would not be a good idea at all. People ADS because they have bathroom breaks and such to get circulation as for night stretching I’m not quite so sure about but it’s not a great idea.

You can’t hang weights from yourself and sleep you have to cut off circulation to get hangers to stay attached so don’t even try hanging where you think you may accidentally fall asleep.
You could try an ADS that just gently tugs your penis though circulation will be reduced with that too and I would have to advise you to not try any of this. 4 years ago I tried sleeping with an Andro penis ADS and it did not go as well as I hoped I am lucky to have woke up in pain to get it off the few nights I tried it.

Are you wanting to know the difference between the light stretch of an ADS and hanging weights from yourself? Or the difference between manual stretches and hanging?

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

I want to understand the difference.Why would one stretch if he just can hang?Isnt thw output force and the results the same?

There isn’t a hanger that can give a good simulation of manual stretching, IMHO. The one who goes closer is the vac-hanger.

With your hands you can modulate your force, starting with low force and going to pretty high tension if you want so (I’ve done stretching with both hands and I think I’ve reached tensions of not less than 25 kg for 1 minute or so), pulling your whole penis and grabbing the internals of it (the ‘meat’, as They say).

A hanger is better suited for medium loads x medium time spans usage.

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