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Hanging and clamping

Hanging and clamping

I am moving from the newbie routine onto the advanced routines but is it a good idea to hang and clamp in the same session? Yesterday I clamped for the first time for one 10 minute set and got ridiculous results with my girth at 5-1/2 inches, and I made the Uli hanger and will try that out after my rest day. But is it a good idea to hang and clamp in the same session or is that too much? Since I am new to hanging, I will start out as follows and add more sets eventually:

5 min hot wrap
1 10 min hanging
1 10 min clamping
5 min hot wrap
20 min kegels

Any comments?

Since you are going to be new to both exercises I would definitely say pick only one each day not both. Clamping is an extremely intense exercise you may not realize it yet but I can almost guarantee if you do both daily you will end up posting about low eq or worst yet injury. One more thing what are you looking to achieve length, girth or both? General consensus around here is go for length before girth mixing both can over work you if you do both too soon. Try the one that is suited for what you are looking to gain first then when you are used to it incorporate the other one in later not both at the same time as they are both new to you. Hope this is clear and does not confuse you good luck.

There are those here who are convinced that doing exercises directed towards girth, like clamping, will inhibit length gains. I am not one of them, however.

It is true that clamping can result in diminished EQ. So can hanging. So doing both together may well be more likely to result in diminished EQ, as bigbassman77 says. You wouldn’t know that for sure unless you tried it, however.

Hanging can be quite time-intensive, and if length is you priority, I think it makes sense to concentrate on that. And both modalities do have a learning curve, especially hanging. Furthermore, if you do have some adverse consequences while doing both, it might be hard to know which was responsible, and that would make modifying your routine a matter of guesswork.

Having said that, I have done both at the same time and not suffered any ill consequences.

Redbear did you start both these exercises at the same time though? That’s the issue for me here the op starting two pretty intense exercises at the same time. Never had done either before its a classic case of jumping into too much too fast, regardless I wish the op the best good luck.

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