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Ok i am very new to this and i want to increase the size of my penis like everyone else on this site. What i was wonderin was is how i can make a ‘hanger’ do i need to purchase one or is there a easy way ov makin one. Feedback wud b appreciated…fanx.

Ok thunderss thanks for that.


I use the Bib standard hanger and it is great. I don’t know if he is still in business, but you can find his site on links on the bottom of the home page. Make sure you do a lot of reading before you start your PE career. Good luck and I hope you make quick gains.


Thank for the feedback guys and I will check out the sites on the bottom of the home page Ophiosaurus.

What are your starting stats? Also on the bottom on the home page is the link to the PE database where you can keep track of your progress and others. PE really works but you have to be diligent and cautious at the same time.

Well I haven’t measured my girth but the length of my penis is exactly 6 inches I want to add another inch and I am willing to give time and effort into this. How about you what size we’re you when you started and what size are you now (That is if you have started these PE exercises which I presume you already have)

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