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Hanger Big Gain's

Hanger Big Gain's

Hey guy’s, sorry since I’m new I could not post this in the hangers section. I have read up on a few extreme length gain’s from hanging I.e. Bib. But I was wondering what the average gain from hanging is. If you have had significant gain’s it would be cool if you could state your gain’s and your routine. If you hang and haven’t had much gain’s, I’d also like to know how much you gained, and what is your routine like?

If you are new I do not recommend to start hanging!

You can get about 1/2 an inch possibly more on the newbie routine.

From what I read people hang when newbie routine or intermediate routines are not giving them gains anymore. Hanging helps give them the extra inch they are looking for.

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That’s actually very interesting and seems correct. I have been doing the newbie routine for awhile, and do not plan to start hanging immediately, but all I am looking for is I am just curious what worked for others, and how much gains they saw.

I’ve never done hanging and gained an inch in length mostly from manual stretches and a routine that is basically the newbie routine with additions for the last 3 years. See how the newbie routine works for you and you just might find it’s all you need.

Girth? That’s another story I don’t care to talk about. :)

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Same, I figured I would go for girth after I attained some length gain, I read up and most guy’s on board here say get the length first because it may pose some difficulty if you were going for girth first.

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