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Hang early

Hang early

Let me be clear that, even though this is a newbie thread, I’m not advocating hanging before fully conditioning your penis to PE. seems that a common thread in many cases of good, swift gains is that the PE’er started hanging after a few months of PE and not a year or two.

Does it make sense to anyone else that the golden time to start hanging might be when your penis is tough enough to take it but still somewhat in that newbie, unconditioned, honeymoon phase? Maybe around month 5?

I hope some of you guys will chime in here and that I don’t inadvertently piss anyone off.



Month 5 is OK if you are not getting gains from a manual routine. Always try to do the minimum you can while still getting gains so you don’t toughen up your penis and make long term gains more difficult. It takes a while to get the hang of wrapping properly etc., so start light.

I second firegoat. Years ago when I first found out about PE I attempted to start hanging after 3 months, and I felt as if my penis was ready for the force of it at that point. But in my opinion don’t change anything until you stop gaining from your current routine.

I would say hang as soon as you want as long as you begin with a low weight (somewhere in the region of 0.5-1lb should do it) build from there over the weeks and months; using this technique I would advocate hanging at any stage of PE. Manual stretching is an expression of force, if the hanging weight is less than the manual stretch force, then hanging will be less intense than manual stretching. (and easier to control)

Thanks for everyone’s response.

What I’m really wondering though, was what you thought of the concept of (any) PE’er shifting to one of the forms of PE generally considered to be able to bring about gains in even a well-conditioned penis as soon as that penis is able to handle it.

Unless I’m missing something, logically, someone hanging six months on a conditioned, but still somewhat newbie penis should gain more than someone hanging six months on a well-conditioned penis and that would include whatever gains they didn’t go on to achieve from hand stretching.

What do you guys think?

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