Handheld infrared recommendations please

I’m looking for an infrared heat source for warm up, preferably handheld. I read the forums and got a 250 watt bulb and a shop light from Walmart last week, and it’s like a supernova in the room. For my use, I feel like a handheld unit would be a lot more practical, but I know nothing about them and would appreciate any advice. I’m looking for something cheap and hopefully available at a retail store. Two things I’ve discovered in searching online are:

A. Almost all of the handheld units are “massagers,” and from what I can tell, hardly any of them can deliver infrared heat without simultaneously massaging. While stimulating my dick to 100% erection sounds like fun, I’d like the option to avoid that. Does anybody know of a cheap handheld infrared massager that can operate without massaging?

B. I’ve found what appears to be an infrared only device, the Drive Infrared Heat Wand. Can anyone tell me anything about it? I hesitate to order it sight unseen.

Any advice you have is appreciated, whether it be for handhelds or different types of lamps. If you can give me model numbers, links, or pictures that would be great, it helps me find stuff when I get to the store.

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