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Handcramping doing jelqs and manual exersizes.

Handcramping doing jelqs and manual exersizes.

Hi I was wondering If anyone else experiences hand cramping when doing jelqs and manual exercises. I am new to PE so I am concerned that I am doing something wrong. However when doing my exercises my penis does not hurt.

This is why I have considered using a jelqing device because my hand gets cramps and it hurts. Has anyone tried using a jelqing device for this reason? Also Is it ok to separate your PE routine into smaller parts throughout the day or is it less effective.

I looked into the jelq device for this reason. Ultimately, the jelq device was a disappointment. You just have to try exercises to strengthen your grip.

Also breaking up a routine is fine.

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Great thanks for the response!

I too get hand cramps when I’m stretching mainly, I can’t really hold my grip longer than 50-60 seconds. This is because I have a lot of foreskin, so I have to squeeze pretty hard to prevent any slippage. I solved this by instead of stretching for 2 minutes non-stop, stretching in shorter segments of 15, then 20, then 30, then 40 seconds shaking out my hands for 5 seconds and renewing the grip between these stretching sections.

For jelqs I solved it by changing my grip and hand every 5 jelqs. jelqs 1-5 I use an underhand grip with my right hand, jelqs 6-10 with my left hand, then overhand grip for 11-20 and repeat. That way your hands and muscles have some time to relax between the sets.

Hope that is clear/helps!

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When doing PE specifically jelqs throughout the day in small amounts of time (less than 5 min) do I have to do a 5 min hot wrap or any hot wrap at all before and after?

I mainly do 1 hand jelqs until my right hand can’t take it, then I switch. I wonder if we can get carpal tunnel from jelqing.

Originally Posted by Smallblkguy
I mainly do 1 hand jelqs until my right hand can’t take it, then I switch. I wonder if we can get carpal tunnel from jelqing.

Good point, I’ll use wrist supports.
It so happens that someone I know wrote her thesis (not sure at which level) on the subject of carpal tunnel syndrome with repetitive strain. Turns out there’s a statistically significant correlation between the mental stress of the subjects and their likelihood of developing carpal tunnel syndrome as a repetitive strain injury. So as long as you’re not afraid to lose your job if you don’t get that jelq right, you shouldn’t be too worried. Of course if tangible symptoms arise, a prediction is no longer valid.

Feb 2016: 173 mm BPEL (6.81") 132 mm MEG (5.20")

March 11th '17: 190 mm BPEL (7.48") 135 mm MEG (5.32")

Goal: A sustained 7.7" by 5.8" during intercourse

I get forearm cramps when jelqing. I have done a vast amount of strength training to the point that I closed the Captains of Crush #3. I only closed it once but that still counts, right?

Point is, it’s just part of the game.

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I’ve only done manual exercises in my PE adventure, namely stretches, jelqs and squeezes. In order to deal with hand fatigue and cramps I do the following routine: I do a 15 second straight out stretch with my right hand, rest five seconds, and then two more fifteen seconds stretches with my right hand, both with the five seconds rest period. I then do the same thing with my left hand. I do five sets of these stretches, which takes approximately 5 minutes.

Next I do 25 dry jelqs with my right hand and then a 20 second horse squeeze. I then do the same thing with my left hand so I’ve now done 50 dry jelqs, 25 with each hand, plus two horse squeezes.

I then do 100 Firegoat Rolls which helps prevent discoloration and helps my partial erection to subside somewhat so I can do another five minutes of stretching as above. I then do another 50 jelqs as above, with the Firegoat Rolls and horse squeezes.

I run through this cycle three times so that by the time I’m finished I’ve done 15 minutes of stretching, 150 dry jelqs, 6 horse squeezes, and of course the Firegoat Rolls. If I have time I like to edge at the end for about ten minutes.

I’ve found this workout to be excellent in terms of minimizing hand cramping and fatigue because there are short rest periods in between the stretches and you are alternating hands for the jelqs.

It’s a great workout for maintaining EQ and I’ve gotten some decent gains from it. It takes roughly 40 minutes or so and I’m now doing two on, one off. I just started this routine again after a long decon break of about a month or so due to some discoloration on the underside of my shaft. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly I start gaining again.

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Add pull-ups, dead-lifts, hanging leg raises and/or finger push-ups to your gym workout routine. These will strengthen your forearms. You can also do drummer exercises (I may add these, since my son is a drummer and I was one in high school and I miss it) such as banging field sticks on a thick phone book, fast as you can, until you vomit.

The other thing is to just stop when it cramps, rest and continue. Personally, I have a right shoulder injury that resulted in right hand nerve damage. Riding my motorcycle hurts like hell — constant throttle ache — and jelqing cramps me pretty good, but I ignore it and keep going. It’s false pain, meaning there is no damage being done to the wrist and forearm. It’s just the pussy-nerves wimping out, and I don’t like their whining.

- Saul

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