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Hand pain

Hand pain

Hello everyone I cannot post in the injury section so I am posting this here. I started getting a type of pain in my hand after about a mount’s worth of stretching and jelqing. For example when I use tongs during cooking after a few minutes of using them I start to get pain in my hand and eventually have to put them down and let my hands rest. When I have to bolt anything together I get this pain in my hands, I literally could not move my fingers in my left hand after using a pick to remove ice (was only using it for maybe 10 minutes). I have stopped jelqing now because I can only do about 2 @ 10 seconds each and then both my hands are aching and then I can only do maybe 5 seconds each. Can anyone help me with this please or give me some advice as to if there is a name for this issue.

Well, that could be either arthritis or a tendonitis. I’m not an expert though. Firegoat could make a better guess probably.

If you have relatively weak hands and have been jelqing quite aggressively, the muscles in your hands will do this. I used to be very much into bodybuilding up until a few years ago and I would have days where one of my hands would literally lock up when I used my thumb and forefinger to grasp something such as a gate latch or doorhandle. I would have to use the opposite hand to pry my thumb and finger(s) apart. I found massaging the meaty part at the base of the thumb and some down time (day or two) would take care of it.

Thanks for the replies I will do some research and see if I cannot cure this pain finally.

Just to clarify is it pain or the hand cramping up or both? If it is just pain and no cramping where is the pain located?

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Maybe research carpal tunnel and wrist/hand stretches? Maybe your PE warmups will need to include exercises for your hands too. Also, you could make a jelq device out of canning tongs and rubber foam to use instead of your hands (do a search and you’ll find instructions), although in my opinion manual stimulation is best because you can nuance the shape and intensity of the squeeze.


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