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Hand Injury Has Out PE On Hold

Hand Injury Has Out PE On Hold

I recently had my right hand cut into two different places at work. I’ve got stitches in both places and since I’m right handed, everyday tasks have become really difficult. Needless to say PE has been put on hold when it comes to stretching and jelqing. It took me little while to get the hang of it but in these last three months I was making progress. I grew almost a half an inch in EL, flaccid hang improved, and it seemed my EG had increased as well. I’ve been injured almost two weeks an still have a couple more weeks until they come out. Besides kegels, what else can I do? Also, should I start back at my routines with the times I’ve worked up to, or cut back to the beginning? I’ve already seem some loss (which sucks big time) and I don’t want to lose anymore.

I suppose you can manage to pump and clamp. Maybe the first is better for a guy with no much PE experience. Or just edging with a cock ring.

I might try pumping. Where can I get a good one at for a beginner? What about my routine? Should I start back at where I left off?

Sorry about your setback! You might be surprised and gratified at what you can accomplish with your left hand , with a small assist from your injured dominant hand. Give it a shot. It’ll be awkward at first but I’ll bet you can do stretching and some jelqs. Better than nothing and it might lead to more effective PE ing in the future. Good luck!

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It wouldn’t be so bad to just wait for it to heal and start up with the newbie routine again, you might get a second quick newbie gains period, like an early decon break. Some guys end up using regular decon breaks throughout their entire PE careers. When you come back, take a week or two to ramp up to where you left off.

If you want to pump you can find a LeLuv set up on Ebay. Getting the pump on and lubed up, and pumping up to pressure would be difficult with one hand though - especially when you’re first getting used to it.

You could do left handed manual stretching and jelqing if you’re up to it. But that could over-work your left hand during a time when it’s already overworked.

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I jelq with one hand and then switch to the other. Actually I jelq better with my bad hand. Jelqing with one hand several times give me the chance to not loose the great grip and work with it until you erection varies. I like jelqing with one hand.

I think I’m gonna just stop everything and wait. I am interested in pumping but would that hurt my length gains? I’m focused more on length right now and then focus on girth later. I’ve heard some people on here say that pumping gave them an increase in length as well. I’m just wondering if that is true

You have to be on pain medication right? Yeah I would take a break until at least you are off that stuff. In my opinion you might unwittingly cause an injury because of the lack of pain.

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Now: Taking a break!

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