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Hand Clamping

Hand Clamping

I’ve been doing pe for about a year. I want to start clamping, but the whole process looks a bit dangerous (hard plastic cable clamp). I started hand clamping with 90-100% erection using my left hand. I make the “ok” hand and squeeze the base of my shaft, while stimulating my dick with my right hand to keep an erection. I do two, 5 minute sets. I also kegel when it feels a bit softer or my grip is a tiny bit relaxed. I have seen some results in my girth since I started this intermittently 2 months ago. Just wondering why I can’t find much on hand clamping? Is it really any different than cable clamping? Has anyone else had success with this?

It’s essentially the same thing. The beauty of a clamp is there’s no hand fatigue. I used to hand clamp before I could source a cable clamp. If it’s working why change?

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

When I can I clamp the way you advised, I just gently tighten the grip, edge, get a maximum of blood inside , kegel, tighten the grip a bit more, continue to edge, and at some point I kegel more blood in, increase the tightness even more and hold it. I kegel a bit of fresh blood once in a while, and finish by adding my second hand behind the glans , then I compress both hands together, or the top one towards the base. In my opinion you don’t need much more than that.

A few reps of these you the shaft has been really worked out.

I’m wondering why this isn’t listed as an exercise. Wouldn’t it be a good transition to clamping?

It is. Imo this is the natural and best way to progress, jelqs, squeeze around 80 % EL, more squeezes, perhaps increase EL, duration increases, add Uli’s , Horse squeezes, over time hold them for longer etc..

Not everything is listed as exercises, there are different variations on a squeeze (Uli’s, HS etc.) . They all have the same foundation, and as you become more advance you should just learn to play with them, play with intensity, depending on how your body respond to it.

I think that by only showing and talking about uli’s, clamping, and horse squeezes you are intimidating newer people. I think what I have been talking about is the start to the transition to these more advanced exercises. Using your hand is much safer than a clamp. Horse squeezes and uli’s seem like straight up vain poppers. I think it’s also easier to start this type of girth work earlier on in the newbie routine because it’s something that most guys have done on their own without knowing about PE. I have a more conditioned dick now, but I used to do these sometimes while masterbating. I just don’t think their that advanced. I also see a lot of progress. I’ve gained an eighth of an in in 2 weeks. My glans has increased a .25 inch. I have been doing them a lot though ( totaling about an hour per day).


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