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Half an inch.

Half an inch.

I have been doing PE exercises for two months and have gained half an inch so far, I am very pleased with this.
I last a lot longer in bed now thanks to these gains, mainly because I feel a lot more confident. I will follow with the newbie
Routine and then maybe kick it up a notch. I would also want to know if any of you have tried the VIVAXA cream?
I’ll give you guys a link right now so you can see it, if you have tried it, please let me know if it works because I’m looking into
Buying it so I can last MUCH LONGER with my new gains :D



Starting stats and stats now and your age? Just curious because from things I’ve read it’s older men who are below average gain easily in the newbie routine. You did the newbie routine standard right?

That is well over priced, I think you can find something similar or same thing cheaper if you google around a bit. It claims that peptide that causes spontaneous erections can be absorbed through the skin? This may be worth looking into thanks for bringing it up!

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

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