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Hairy penis


Try the Nivea unscented shaving cream. It doesn’t have all the additives that most of the others do, so it shouldn’t irritate the skin down there.

Some times I shave, others I pluck, and I’ve even tried some of the wax strips (I’ll try to look at the package for the name).

On the wax strips, you heat them up with your hands by rubbing them, the wax is non-irritating, and if you make the strips small, it can be worked around the area that you are after.

I’ve done the hairless version, but currently just trim things up to about 1/2 to 3/4 inch most places, and leave nothing on the shaft, or in a small ring area around the base (pumper style).

Originally Posted by vs
Tweezing IS the answer. Yeah, it hurts like a bugga but once it’s done, it is awesome!

Just do it a little at a time. Have the tweezers in the bathroom by the toilet. Every morning or evening when you take a shower, pluck a few untill it just gets on your nerves and then stop. Don’t think you have to get it all done at once. Then the next time do some more. Eventually, in about a week you will get it where you like it. Keep the balls shaved and the upper pubes trimmed real short. Eventually you will be able to shape the hairline and it will look like a pro, porno king job. Also, when the hairs start growing back, it is much easier to pluck them and they don’t hurt nearly as much.

If you do this, I think you will find that you get more head from your S/O.

Hope this helps..


This is pretty much exactly what I do. When plucking make sure you get a firm grip with the tweezer, then pull quickly in the direction of the growth. Should work a treat.

Kinda avoid shaving my balls often, I’m scared it’s just going to come back thicker and thicker. I always end up doing it though.

Here’s a thread where PirateSteve talks about how he removed his hair. (It’s about halfway down)

Been there, done that

Or if you just want to skip to the link he provides it’s:

I have hair up to three inches up the shaft of my penis. It is I guess the nature of the beast, as I have gained around 2 inches in length. I was actually considering the electrolysis as sometimes when I shave I am prone to get ingrowns down there along the shaft. Maybe I should be the guinea pig and try it out and see what comes. Has anyone actually tried electrolysis? Like Id be uncomfortable with a guy doing it but a woman. Thats nearly as uncomfortable. Is there any self serve way of doing electrolysis?

Are you guys sure Veet is safe to use on and around our “goods”?

I’ve always been curious about laser hair removal, it would just make daily life easier. Maybe one day when finances permit it.

Read the entire thread - the are negative claims concerning Veet.

I just yanked out the rest using my finger tips. Worked better than the tweezer, but for the small hairs on the shaft I’ll have to use a tweezer and a strong lamp…

Originally Posted by lib-tech
Are you guys sure Veet is safe to use on and around our “goods”?


It damages and discolors your skin and it doesn’t really work that well down there.

You have been warned


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