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Hair on shaft


Hair on shaft

I hope it’s OK to post this here. This is not exactly about PE, though it has to do with the appearance of size and general aesthetics. I have hair on my shaft and was wondering if anyone else does. Not just around first 1/2 inch of base but along the bottom side all the way up to my circumcision scar. There are no hairs along the top side. I really hate having hair on my shaft. I shave it, but it itches and the skin is irritated when it grows back. I don’t like the idea of having small open wounds there. How strange is it to have hair on the underside of your shaft all the way up to your circumcision scar (or foreskin)? For anyone else who has this, what do you do?

I had laser hair removal on my back, chest and penis, but it’s not permanent (no matter how many times you go - I went at least 10 and have the optimal conditions for laser: light skin/dark hairs). They say it’s permanent but it’s “permanent” up to a year. After 2 years, most of my hair on my back had grown back, and now, 6 years later, I think all of it has (or at least 99%). On my penis there wasn’t even really temporary removal which I think had something to do with the skin being so thick and flexible and the hairs being not as dark. Has anyone had electrolysis?

Electrolysis has worked for several of my friends, though not on their penis. Women concerning their legs, and they said it was incredibly painful, so you should really be certain if you are considering having a current shot at your penis.

I also have hair along my shaft, more now than before I started PEing, but it well worth it since I have a bigger penis :) I don’t really se it as a problems, since if you are to participate in any sexual encounters you can just shave for the occasion.

Have you thought about buying an epilator? It probably hurts really bad, but takes longer time to grow back than regular shaving.


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I have lot of hair on the shaft, it gets really thick along the sides and bottom side and goes up to the glans. I know about the itchy problem when you clean shave, and it’s also hard to jelq with. I now use a small buzzer to remove them. It’s a small version of a buzzer you would use to shave your head, and I think it’s intended for side burns. But it really helps as you don’t get skin irritation for razors, and no itching due to the fact that the hair doesn’t have to regrow through the skin. Hope that helps

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Mine is not as bad as yours. What I do is pluck them and it takes them a long time to grow back. Might be worth a try.

I have hair here and there on my shaft, and I just pluck them. That way they won’t grow back fast or stronger.

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Spend 20 minutes a day with a pair of eyebrow tweezers and go to town. Within a few days of this you should be good to go. It sounds painful but as long as you pull out only one hair at a time, keep the skin around the hair follicle tight, and pull with good force it’s not bad. After the first time you’ll only have to do it once every other week as maintenance, maybe less. Also the more you do it you’ll notice that the hair grows back slower and thinner over time. This is exponentially better than shaving because it lasts much longer and it feels much more comfortable growing back - oh yea, and it eliminates the need for scraping sharp steel across your junk.

I also have stray hairs around and under the circumcision scar. I really hate it. And I dread plucking them out. I usually just buzz cut it. But has anyone ever had a woman go down on them with a shaft half full of hair? Any negative experiences like women stop bjs from the hair on your shaft?

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Wow, plucking them makes my eyes water just thinking about it.

I use a trimmer, an electric razor. Shaving irritates my skin as well, but with a trimmer its really not a problem.

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I don’t think the pussy will like stubble! Plucking them is better.

Sorry, this whole thread has me laughing my ass off.

I only have the problem at the base and I pluck them. If it was around my head OMG I dont know. You really have to pluck them because of stubble but OUCH.

I have hair on 1/4th of my shaft. If I had to pluck them, it would take forever. Shaving is my only option.

Originally Posted by Praseo
I have hair on 1/4th of my shaft. If I had to pluck them, it would take forever. Shaving is my only option.

Wax is also possible.

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Lol lol lol lol lol lol

I pluck them. So if I understand you right you have a for rest growing on the underside of your dick? Wax is the only option

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If I was going to do it, I would use a hair removal cream like Veet. Spray on. Leave for five minutes. Wash it off. Finished. 10 minutes work. Goes to the root. I use it on my back.

Originally Posted by Hopefullygrowin
Wax is also possible.

Have you ever actually tried waxing? On your penis? I’ve tried waxing at home (not on my penis) and let me tell you, it is not easy. My girlfriend tried helping. Even the skin on your back it not tight enough to wax without a skilled and strong person. The skin you are waxing must be kept very tight so that it is absolutely resistant to movement (from the jerking of the wax strip off) you. Otherwise you will get badly bruised skin. I absolutely cannot imagine waxing on a penis being possible!

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