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Hair advice needed please


Hair advice needed please

I was just wondering how many people trim, wax, shave, perm or dye their pubic (or butt-cheek) hair?

I was an early developer at school, and I am dark-haired. Consequently I started to grow pubes early on and had hair growing in other places before the other lads. I often got singled out in the shower room. I started to shave any hair that then grew from my body (legs, feet, chest, arm-pits, butt and pubic region) to prevent me be picked on. The result is that I now have quite hairy legs and pits (no problem) but also lots of pubic hair and hairy ass (problem).

Has anyone else had this problem and how have you dealt with it? I would just like to lose some of the pubes to make my dick look bigger and more presentable to the opposite sex, and also sort my ass out! I get bucket loads of complements from women about my cute sexy little ass but daren’t show them what lurks beneath the jeans!

I mooned at someone once and the girl said she had seen a better ass on a pig.

Advice please - thank you in advance

Early shaving did not cause your hair to grow more or thicker. That’s a myth. Your genes caused you to be the way you are.

Suggestions? Waxing, laser hair removal, shave, shave, shave. Not much else you can do.


I shave pits i think its sexy this wasy, my ass is hairy too … but not much a problem with girls … leave the ass alone

Hi Leeroy,

I shave everytime I go in the bath,I think waxing looks evil lol.

Laser treatment is an option, but shaving suits me quite itchy though.


I would say trim the pubs, and trim the chest and abs. Don’t shave the pubs off that looks really lame bro. As far as your ass goes you will just get over that as you get older. Some women really dig the hair also, it makes them feel like they are being taken by an animal! I have an Austin Powers chest hair and women love running their fingers through it.

Originally Posted by quattot
I have an Austin Powers chest hair and women love running their fingers through it.

Ha! It it shaped like a bat?

I shave the base of my dick and my ball sack to keep the pubes under control. It takes about 30 seconds every 3 or 4 days. I do it frequently so the stubble doesn’t irritate my wife.
I use an electric trimmer to mow down my chest hair about once a month. Not all the way down, but around a “3” setting. It is a pain in the ass, but I hate lookng like an ape.
I have patchy hair on my back. Most of it I can reach with the trimmer, but once in a while I get my wife to clean it up for me, especially in the summer.
My butt is not hairy except for fine hairs near the crack. I have shaved it a couple of times, but it gets stubbly, so mostly I leave it alone.

Horny Bastard

I tried laser hair removal and it is really good and i had good results but it is really expensive.

I will achieve my goal sooner or later.I don't want to be an average.

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I usually shave but I think waxing is probably a better idea. Ingrown hairs suck!


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Thanks guys! I never knew so many guys actaully groomed this region!

Maybe i should start accentuating my assets!

Nair (for men) the ass crack homie.

In a few years time, if you don’t trim, you’ll be the exception rather than the norm. Just as it has gone this way for women to a point where now it’s very rare to find a woman that doesn’t keep things well manicured if not completely smooth.

I have trimmed for the last few years. It makes you look somewhat bigger, looks neater, and means you don’t have those embarrassing moments when your girl stops blowing you to pull a pube from between her teeth! I don’t shave my balls or the root of my penis, just because I can’t imagine what kind of shaving rash you might give a girl! I do pluck some of the longer hairs that grow around the root though. Takes 5 minutes every few weeks.

I’m pretty hairy and use a hair trimmer (you can get decent ones for $20) to trim my pubes, chest and inner thighs down to a #2. Many girls have enjoyed rubbing their hands through my chest hair in the past, but I prefer to keep it trimmed to show muscles off better. My back and upper arms are relatively hairy too. I’ve had laser removal on these. 5 sessions thus far, but there’s still some there, so I keep these areas shaved. My ass isn’t so bad, but if it really bothers you then go laser. It is expensive though.

There´s no reason not to trim: it makes your penis look bigger, smell better, cleaner, and looks much better overall. Men who don´t even bother to trim their pubes are usually branded as lazy and unhygienic by women: don´t be that guy.

I have a friend who shaves all the nether regions: pubes, gooch, ass, crack-you get the idea. I asked him if stubble is a problem, he says no, but I’ve yet to try this myself.

NO nair on the nads! Urgent Warning.

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I shave my the base of my cock, my balls and ass. I also trim my inner thighs and keep a patch of trimmed pubic hair above my penis.

The number one reason I shave is that is the appearance. By removing the hair around the base of my cock, I think it makes it look larger. Also, I like the “clean” feeling of having shaved balls and ass crack. I use hair clippers that I bought for around $25.

My only problem is I am trying to work out the routine of where and when to do it to avoid razor burn. I am still trying to work that out.

I would stay away from Nair for Men. Nair is a chemical that shrivels the root of the hair follicle. It can cause a chemical burn and either contribute to rashes or even skin blotches. Just use a disposable razor. It make take a little longer, but it is soooo much safer!

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