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Had My First PE Session Today!

Had My First PE Session Today!

Hi everybody!

Almost five years went by since I joined this site and even though I had every good intention of making the most out of my time here unfortunately life got in the way.
During that time I kept coming back to Thunder’s but never really got the change to actually start doing any of the exercises.

Even though a lot of time has passed since my first post my goals are still the same : A healthy functional penis, plus 1 - 1.5 inches for erect length and 0.5 for erect girth.
Everything else will be a bonus.

So after spending the last few weeks creating “a penis inventory” I finally had today my first PE session.
Since avoiding injuries is a top priority, I decided to begin with the Linear Routine instead of the regular Newbie Routine.

After using a hot wrap for 10 minutes I begun to jelq.
Getting to grips with jelqing wasn’t an easy task at first. I actually found it very difficult to use a standard OK grip.
I finally had to settle for an overhand grip which allowed me to be more consistent between strokes.
I tried not to over do it for the first time so after about 15 strokes and another 10 minutes of using a hot wrap the session was over.

One mistake I did for the first time is that before jelqing I tried to stretch the foreskin back a little.
My foreskin feels a little tight so I thought that maybe after warming up and before jelquing it would be a good time to give it a little stretch.
It was probably a bad idea cause now one side of my foreskin feels a little sore and sensitive while the rest of my penis feels fantastic. I even had a nice solid erection an hour after my first session.

Anyway! Glad to be on board again!
Looking forward being part of this community.

And I third that.

Thank you guys for the encouragement!

Dickerschwanz you make a great point about the danger of developing a “weak spot”.
I was initially planning a 2 day on/1 day off routine but I decided instead to take the day off.
I can see that PE is a long term thing so there is no reason to hurry!
To be on the safe side I went ahead during my day off and applied hot wraps both morning and night.
Also to facilitate healing I applied some St. John’s wort oil on my foreskin which is known for its restorative/anti-inflammatory properties.

Something that I didn’t mention on my previous post is that I also got myself 2 notebooks.
One will be used the same way that I use a training diary for the gym : to simply keep track of my sessions.
The other one will be my “PE handbook” : A collection of PE related nuggets of wisdom that might come handy down the line.

Originally Posted by t - jay

The other one will be my “PE handbook” : A collection of PE related nuggets of wisdom that might come handy down the line.

Don’t forget you can add threads to your ‘Favourites’ (click on your user name to access the drop down in the menu top right if you are using the web version), for any threads you want to find easily again.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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