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Guys that are curved.

Guys that are curved.

Does your penis curve when it’s flaccid too? I’m not talking about hanging to one side or the other, I mean actual curvature. Mine curves to the left about half way down the shaft. Just interested to see if it starts to curve when you start getting hard or what.


6/30/06- Fl:3.9, Fg: 4.1, Bpel: 5.75, Eg: 4.5


I have the curve, all the wat from the base, up to the head. When I was growing up, had a pair of briefs that use 2 let me penis come out through the fly, and I was always grabbing it, and moving it left, when I had the chance. ( Some werid JCPenny underware) and little by little I began getting the curve. Now, flaccid , slight curve. Hard, very curved. How to correct that, no idea..




There is a way to correct that. Just do a search on the forums and I am sure you will find ways to fix the curve

Start Date 4/15/06 EL 6.25", EG 5.0" ~~~> GOAL EL 8.5", EG 7.0"

UPDATE: 5/02/06 EL 6.5" (NBP), EG 5.375" ~~~> GOAL EL 8.5", EG 7.0"

Very slightly curved/twisted when flaccid. Gets more pronounced when erect. No idea how to go about fixing it, all attempts to “jelq against the grain” and such seem to have no effect.

It’s weird since my curve got more pronounced through PEing. You might think that stretching, hanging and ADS might straigthen it out, but that’s not the case, at least not for me. What really helps is clamping. Especially when talking to some other pals in this forum, I’ve been told that clamping is the definite way to take on curves. I can sort of confirm this from my personal experience: My clamped unit points a lot more straightforward than my normal boner. What’s not been developed yet, is a 100% safe clamping technique with 2 well positioned clamps to definitely get rid of this nasty tunica deformation. If nobody does it, I’ll definitely go and find out for myself. Thing is, I haven’t reached my length goal yet, so serious clamping is still inches away from me.




I love the way my penis curves. Slightly hanging\curving left when flaccid, straight but slightly curved up when erect. Just want it thicker and longer.

Small, but growing!

The name keeps me motivated.

55X6 I’m curved too but I think mine is because the one who circumcised me is an idiot..

If you r circumcised too it might be the problem.

If I’m not mistaken the skin is getting bigger after a while of PEing and it might fix the problem.

But I’m not an expert, you better search in the forums. Or go and see a doctor. I’m sure he’ll tell you the reason for the curve and how to fix it.

I’m not circumcised (never was ;) ) and still got a curve (down bend, becoming more pronounced when erect) that resists every attempt to cure it..
The problem for me is.. There’s scar tissue on the CS (the one housing -among other things - the urethra) which is responsible for the downwards bend.

I tried to get more pressure at the space with the scar tissue, but as you can (maybe) imagine I just ended up having annoyed nerves (in the CS) from squeezing them (ever so slightly) while putting more pressure into the part with scar tissue.

For CC related bends (the main part of your dick) jelqing against the curve could help (at least I can imagine that). No nerves ending up wrecked by local jelqing/clamping moves there.

Good luck on your quest,


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