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Guide me to proper girth.

Guide me to proper girth.

So, this is my third attempt at PE. The both times I stopped about a month in, due to falling out of routine for whatever reason-no excuses. Anywho, I am sitting at 6” NotBPL by 5” girth in the middle of the shaft and 5.25”girth base.

Over the period of the first 2 months. I gained about 1/8th of an inch in girth which is sweet. But heres the deal. Before I started PE my penis has the same width from a birds eye view. But since the gains.. My penis flairs out in width yet the tip is still less girthier than the base. So the best way to describe it is at the base it’s taller than it is wide, and at the tip it’s becoming wider than it is tall. Is this normal? Are there exercises that can target the base girth to match the width change?

My penis is the same, I think it is pretty normal to be rounder at the base and elliptical near the middle.

I don’t know if there are any ways to specifically make the base of the penis wider.

06-06-2011: 6.5" x 5.5" Current: 7.14" x 5.5"

Long term goal 8x6 short term goal 7.2x5.6

Pic's and Progress :worthy: Forum Guidelines

My suggestion would be when jelqing (if you do so) get the grip as low to the base as possible. When I do this my base feels more girthy.

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