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Growth Spurt Experiences

Growth Spurt Experiences

Hi guys,

I was thinking back to when I experienced a very unique growth spurt when I was 17. I was wondering if anyone else had been through the same type of thing and if you can remember it?

Who knows, there may be a commonality in our stories (that could link to the feelings we get down there from doing PE).

So I remember going to college, just like any other day really, got home and had my dinner as usual. I recall it being around 6 o’ clock when out of the blue, my balls and deeper inside (I guess in the inner penis area) I started to feel a dull ache, this continued for the rest of the evening.

As it became closer to 10 o’ clock, I remember the ache/pain started to become pretty unbearable. I was in the living room with my sister watching TV, and ended up curled in a ball on floor in front of her. She asked ‘what’s up?’ to which I replied ‘it feels like I have been kicked in the balls’. And still now I admit, this is the best way to describe it.

I ended up going to bed early, still with the dull ache below.

Upon waking the pain was non-existent, being a carefree 17 year old, I didn’t have much on my list of concerns, so this literally rocked my world. Was my penis broke or falling apart. I decided to check it out.

Going to the toilet was fine, getting an erection was normal too. But it was there I noticed that it didn’t look the same. From previous measurements I had done I was just under 5 1/2” (started watching porn a year before so penis size checking was a normal thing to do). Now I can’t remember the exact size from memory, but my penis was clearly between 5 1/2” - 6” (I’m 6” and have been for several years).

I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. The only thing I didn’t check was my girth, it was a metal ruler, but that felt bigger in my hand too.

I know they say ‘no pain, no gain’ but I’d go through it again in a heart beat to get that in a single night. I understand that this size increase could of been in the works days/weeks prior but it was just the shock of that one night that I still remember to this day.

Any similar experiences out there?

TL;DR: was 17. Felt a massive pain in my balls, to the point of curling up on the floor in pain. Went to bed. Woke up fine, with an extra 0.2” - 0.4” on the end of my dick.

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Your belly ache had nothing to do with any growth spurt, unless of course you’re the Hulk. It was something you ate.

It wasn’t a pain in my stomach though. And if it was something I ate, I wish I knew what it was.

It was the balls and just behind the base of my penis where the ache was.

Pain in the body does radiate and if you get enough problems with your intestinal tract you can feel it there. Besides that where your intestines are.

Ahhh I see your point. So possibly just a mistaken coincidence of pain and my penis growing at the same time.

I guess the only reason I joined the dots was because it reminded of the location I get very light ligament ache after doing a manual stretching session. Not the balls though, there fine.

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