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Growth foreskin

Growth foreskin

I do pe exercises for 1 month. I think that my foreskin is growing to much.

What I can do for it??

In penis stretching, It is better pull behind my foreskin? It makes me hurt! It is normal?


Skin does stretch easily. Try to stretch without stretching your foreskin too much. Hopefully someone here with a foreskin will answer you and tell you how they stretch.

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I have foreskin and have been told to use one hand to do the exercises and the other to hold the skin from the base of the shaft. So when you jelq it won’t pull you foreskin with your hand and stretch it. Good luck what are you know and what is your goal!

I wish I had that problem! Lol.. I’ve heard a lot of uncut guys say the dry jelq works better for them.. ?

Im uncut and when i do manual stretches i keep the foreskin behind my glans.
I grab just behind the glans, while pulling the foreskin back further with my other hand.
This gives you a much better grip and avoids skin stretch.

It hurts in the beginning yes, so you will have to start slow.
Start with just gripping it like this without stretching. Squeeze and find a position witch hurts the least.
Keep gripping and squeezing for a couple a days. Pain should go down. Then start light light stretch like that. Do every day just like an exercise.
In a week or two you should feel no pain from this.

I’m uncut too, but I think the growth of foreskin is good it allows for growth of your actual unit by giving it more ‘space’ as it were, if that makes sense.

Also how are you doing it at the moment I’d like my foreskin to be a little more stretched, whenever I get an erection the skin retreats quite far back


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Goal> 7 x 5.5

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