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growing evenly/proportionally

growing evenly/proportionally

So one thing I’ve noticed during pe, my corpus cavernosum (underside/urethra) doesn’t seem to be growing as much as the corpora cavernosa (sides).

The corpora cavernosa seem to absorb a lot and become engorged much more so than the corpus cavernosum, this to me, seems to make the penis look a little deformed from a straight on view although looks great from a top ‘birds eye’ view. So basically it seems wide due to the corpora cavernosa, yet not as thick as it could be from the corpus cavernosum possibly being under developed(?). My girth hovers around 5-1/8” to 5-1/4” on average, my thought is that if my corpus cavernosum was equally proportionate my size would be possibly 5.5” or so.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? What may have caused this to happen or specifics that could focus some of the growth on thr corpus cavernosum?

Any and all input is appreciated! Thanks.

Certain PE methods, or certain grips for manuals, can target the CC more or the CS more. The bottom chamber (ventral chamber) is called the corpus spongiosum, and is softer because it contains the urethra. The top two chambers (dorsal chambers) are called the corpus cavernosa (plural) or corpus cavernosum (singular), and they are tougher, providing the hardness of an erection.

Stretching with a traditional grip by the glans will tend to work the CS more (the glans is part of the CS). Stretching with 4 fingers on the shaft can work both but is tough to get a good grip unless semi erect and even then it’s only a passable grip. Stretching with a pinch grip toward the base works the CC’s more.

Jelqing with pressure on the sides will work the CC more. Jelqing with pressure on the top/bottom will work the CS more. Jelqing with even pressure around the whole shaft works both.

Pumping works both, but works the CS a little more for most guys because our dicks are oval shaped in their cross sections, wider across the CC’s. So as they start to pack the round tube of the pump, the CC’s run out of room before the CS, and thus the CS is worked a little more.

Hanging with attachment from the dorsal side of the penis (compression hangers) works the CC’s more. Hanging with attachment to the glans (Vac hanging) works the CS more.

Clamping and all the manual variations of it works both, but the orientation of the clamp and any additional pressure above the clamp can be used to target either the CC’s or the CS more.

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When you say compression hangers, go do you mean like a typical extender cause I do have one in my routine. I’ve looked at a vac hanger attachment for it but didn’t knoe if it was justifiable. How does vac vs compression work different parts like that through ideally the same function?

I have been doing some pumping although I’m slowing working it back in my routine, it’s a nice complement to everything I think, definitely does the girth justice.

When I do stretches I typically do a traditional grip and have been mainly doing v-stretching or similar in different directions as well as helicopters.

Jelqing I think I definitely put more pressure on the sides (CC) as that just seems like a grip that works for me. I’ve tried to do a top bottom type grip, but it’s hard for me to do that type of grip it’s basically like tumb on top and finger along the bottom. I didn’t find it to seem as affective, you do you think that’s even an appropriate grip for that styleof grip?

Thanks for the detailed and informative reply!

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Extending is the one form of PE I haven’t got much experience with, so I can’t say for sure. It will depend on the attachment as you said. If it is pulling on the glans mostly, it will be more CS.

By compression hangers I mean hangers like the BIB that have a vice-like gripping mechanism. Vac vs compression works different parts based on their attachment points. Since the Vac attaches primarily to the glans (but also some to the upper shaft CC’s) it works the CS relatively more than the CC. The converse is true of compression hangers because they grip the CC’s more, attaching at midshaft, and more oriented to the dorsal side of the shaft.

For jelqing I think whatever you find most effective in terms of comfort and expansion is the right way to go. Maybe going for an even distribution around the whole shaft would be easier than trying to go for a top/bottom force. My penis has a mild leftward rotational tilt to it, so simply by switching hands I get a different force distribution. My left hand tends to work the CS more, while the right hand tends to work the CC’s a little more. I also switch between overhand and underhand grips. Between that and very slight angle changes in the hands, I seem to be able to work all the way around the shaft.

I also think that while we can target the different chambers with different exercises, pretty much all exercises are working both chambers together. It’s just that they might work one of the chambers slightly more relative to the other. After all, the CC’s and CS are directly attached to each other along the entire shaft.

Also, glad to help, and good gains to you!

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

I use more of a pinch jelq and the only thing that is considerable bigger in my penis since starting PE is my CS. I actually want to target the CC’s of my penis so I’m gonna switch grips. What exercises or grips would target the CC?

Whatever your experience tells you is inflating / putting more internal blood pressure on the CC’s. Sounds like you may already be doing that with the pinch grip jelq. All the exercises work both, so maybe your CS just gains easier. Not sure what your conditioning situation is, but maybe you could do manual clamping plus some lateral squeezes on the CC’s above the clamp with the off hand. Doing the same with an actual clamp would be more intense. Wide body / elliptical cylinder pumping comes to mind too. One other thing that has really worked my CC’s, but I don’t know if it actually gives gains, is to do erect wet jelqing with a light overhand two finger pinch grip (thumb on one side, index on the other) that slides up the side CC’s, not even touching the CS at all. This makes me diamond rock hard and has given me a really intense soreness in my CC’s before, even with a very light pressure. It’s almost like massaging up the CC’s it’s so light, but its intensity comes from being erect, and the exercise only increases the hardness more. I haven’t ever made a regular routine out of it so don’t know if it’s worth anything.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Thanks for the input! You’re a wealth of knowledge ;) .

I have actually order a bib hanger and it will be on the way shortly, so that may bring benefit as well. I think things have been growing proportionately l just wish the CS could have a little boost to be more predominant. Sometimes it seems somewhat “flat” but if I do a kegel or flex the pc floor the CS puffs up.. not sure why that is? Does that make sence to happen? It’s nice when it does have that fullness to it.

I’m wondering now, as you similarly stated for big4me, maybe my CC’s for whatever reason gain faster. I’ve always had rock hard erections (even before pe) so that could be partially to explain why they might gain faster, since they play a primary role in that hardness or stiffness of an erection, it does seem logical they would gain faster through pe if they were already “strong”.

There is so much to learn and so many variables from person to person within pe, I thinking they need to have specialized college courses for it. Hell it truly is a legitimate science. :)

Originally Posted by Shooting8
Sometimes it seems somewhat “flat” but if I do a kegel or flex the pc floor the CS puffs up.. not sure why that is? Does that make sence to happen? It’s nice when it does have that fullness to it.

Yeah makes sense, I get the same. Flexing the pelvic floor pushes some blood into the penis, not sure on the anatomy of it. I also find holding the contraction for a longer period will deflate the penis if erect.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Originally Posted by Shooting8
There is so much to learn and so many variables from person to person within pe, I thinking they need to have specialized college courses for it. Hell it truly is a legitimate science. :)

I have no idea why it isn’t mainstream yet, for how obsessed we are as men with our dick size.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

We may have to consider writing a free e-book. :-)

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I have reached my goal. At least for now.

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