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Grow in length or thickness.

Grow in length or thickness.

Hi folks,

Have been checking out a Dutch PE forum, and found this (translated):

Depending on a 50 or 75 0/0 erection while jelqing; the penis grows in length or in thickness!

What you folks think?


Isn’t that a slightly change to the standard tp consense, that jelqing at about 60-80% (or more if you are experienced and know what you are doing) will encourage girth growth more than length.. and jelqing at a lower level of .. say .. 20-40% will encourage length growth more than girth ?

Just my 2 €-cents,

Originally Posted by jimmy5L
Have been checking out a Dutch PE forum, and found this (translated):

That is very interesting, I wasn’t aware that a Dutch PE forum existed. Do you have a link?

I’ve been milking at about 70-80% and like what I’m seeing so far - especially in terms of flaccid heft.

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It’s hard to really quantify exact percentages and the effect, but it is discussed here often. Let’s just say jelqing at lower erection levels favor length gains and jelqing at higher erection levels favor girth gains.

Once you jelq it becomes obvious why. Jelqing at low erection levels is more of a stretch feel. Jelqing at higher erection levels gives more of a pump feel as internal pressure increases inside the shaft and head.

Hi Bird2,

Sorry, it’s not a forum but more like an information page, wrote “forum” without thinking, but here is the information page:


But it’s in Dutch, not bad, thinks are explained in a simple and short way! For those you speak Dutch worth checking out!


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