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groin fat

groin fat

I am new to PE and have a question for you guys. My family seems to be cursed with alot of fat in the groin area. I have 2 brothers one like me is overweight (I’m 6’3 and 290) my older brother is 6’1 and 185 and guess what he has alot of fat on his groin too. Do any of you guys know of any exercises that will get rid of this crap? I have lost over 80 lbs before and this stuff won’t go away. It makes my rod look smaller than the 6 X 6 it is. Not sure if any of you guys have the same problem. look forward to any help you can give me. thanks

Are you talking about the little bit of fat that can ‘drape around’ your wang, so to speak? I don’t know any way to get rid of it, but I can suggest just trying to lower you overall body fat. That seems to do the trick for most people— lowering overall fat to remove target areas. Sorry if that’s not any help.

hmm... yeah...

If your thinner brother has it, too, I think you’re probably going to have to resort to liposuction. :(

There’s no shortcut: You must cut your overall bodyfat % (which you should do anyway.)

The 2 most important things you have to do is

1) Eat healthy, small meals 4 - 5 times a day.

2) Do cardio such as running, ride a bike, swimming. Anything that will keep your heart rate elevated at a constant rate for an extended period of time. Do this at least 3 times a week for NO LESS THAN 30 minutes.

Do the above and I promise you will lose weight - No doubt about it. Just don’t be lazy or you’ll stay overweight forever and that’s no fun. Get yourself into a solid routine of doing exercise and eating healthy. Good luck brother.

thanks for the advice guys. maybe I should give you a little background as well. I sit down all day but I do exercise quite a bit. Currently here is my exercise routine. I do between 30 and 45 minutes on a precor exercise machine. this machine is basically a cross country skiing machine. I typically burn between 600-800 calories when I do this and my heartrate is about 150-160 bpm when I do this. I have been on a regular exercise routine for about 2 years. But my eating habits aren’t what they should be. I joined Weight Watchers about 2 months ago and so far have lost about 12 lbs. I have a long way to go but hopefully I will get where I want to be.

I should also mention that I have been pretty healthy all my life quite muscular for my weight. My bodyfat has been measured at about 28 percent. Quite high I know but it also means I have more than 200 lbs of muscle. My exercise routine is done about 4 days a week usually at night after my last meal of the day. I also try and drink a gallon of water everyday. Enough about my weight problem though I just hope PE will work for me like it did for so many others.

thanks for listening

I hate having a large fat pad. It is one of the reasons why I started watching my diet and trying to exercise more. Plus I know I am overweight for my Height and Age. Reason why I have been exercising is because I joined here and found out about PE. That gave me a new hope to do a full body make over so to speak. With my first gains I told myself damn this PE Stuff works I will have to get the rest of the bod in shape to match my new tool.

dav620002003. One thing to keep in mind is your post workout intake of protein. You should always follow up any exercise routine with protein. I usually have the following shake immediately after a run or pumping iron: one scoop of whey protein, a little milk, an egg, yogurt, a banana and one teaspoon of peanut butter. The banana is key for killing the brutal taste of the protein powder.

Sounds like weight watcher is working for you. Stay on it, don’t pussy out. You’ll get ripped … it’s just going to take time and a strong commitment to diet and exercise.

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