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Gripping too hard?

Gripping too hard?

Could subsiding erections during jelqs be a result of gripping too hard?
I would get an optimal erection state, then find my erection begin to subside after about 5 or so strokes (not subside fully to flaccid state though, but it looks like the full and puffy state that would come after a jelq session).

Thanks ahead of time, yet again :)

I swear, no more questions till after a month of the newbie routine, just ironing out wrinkles of technique and such to get as efficient a month as possible :D

It happens to me too but after 15-20 strokes. I don’t think it has anything to do with the grip in my case. It’s because of lack of sexual stimulus. You have to always stroke yourself back to erection. It’s not easy to make yourself hard on command. Maybe things change with experience.

Just wondering… mostly cause my last jelq session was less than fulfilling, getting a few jelqs in, erection subsiding, getting erection back and getting in fewer jelqs and process repeats. After about 15 minutes (most of the time spent just trying to get a good erection), I couldn’t get it up to a good level and just ended stopping, total only about 30-50 “decent” jelqs.

Perhaps this is more of a sign of overworking? I did notice one faint, spot on glans… first time just after 1 week of newbie, 2 on/1 off routine. Other than that, no other signs of stress or pain.

Anyway, I think I’ll take 1 extra day of rest before continuing.

Sometimes you’ll get a disappointing session, there’s not much you can do about that other than minimising the times it might occur by trying to not PE when you are tired and making sure your general health is good.

Jelqing can also get boring. Sometimes porn helps and sometimes it hinders.

In regard to spots, it varies some guys think that unless a session produces pin prick spots they are not working hard enough others manage to gain fine without getting into spot territory. The spots are an effect on the skin and in the end the skin is not what you need most work to stretch, so either way it may not be a good indicator either of overwork or of working enough. You will need to work out when you’ve had a good session by how large you are afterwards, how long the extra hang stays after a session and the tiredness of the tissues (the feeling of being worked). Once you know what is good for you, you’ll be able to repeat it.

A few pin prick spots is definitely not a reason to skip a session - they should be gone the next day. If you get bigger spots, maybe 1/16” up you are starting to force blood out of vessels rather than capillaries and this is a problem.

Hope that helps.

Do what I do: while jelqing, imagine that Angelina Jolie is somehow involved. ;)

I’ve only had 2 or 3 spots in my relatively short PE career. As long as you don’t get them often, I wouldn’t worry too much about them as long as they’re small.

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Hi guys,

I think this is a good question and I was going to ask something similar. I was thinking about making a pole thread. And listing number groups, with the topic. “How many strokes on average do you get per erection while Jelqing”.

But I’m new and I thought I better be careful and not post topics that have been posted a hundred times.

You people that have been around a while let me know if this is a good idea.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Well, I think it’s perfectly normal, cause, there is a hindering of steady blood flow to maintain the erection, plus your concentration on the jelq and not strictly on sexual fantasy.


I don’t remember a poll on that but I don’t catch everything. It’s certainly been discussed but if stuff like this wasn’t discussed again we could just close the board.

Just avoid things like

“Women: What’s the best penis size?”
“Newbie injury from only 1 hr jelq and 1/2 hr Horse440s”
“Does masturbation after jelqing hinder gains”
“I need to grow 1.5” in 3 weeks. Help!!!”

Thanks everyone for all the input, putting a lot of dedication into this (hence, my questions) and will probably find my niche as long as I keep going at it :)

Originally Posted by Geiss
Thanks everyone for all the input, putting a lot of dedication into this (hence, my questions) and will probably find my niche as long as I keep going at it :)

Dedication is a key ingredient for success. Keep at it. :)

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