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Grip Problems

Grip Problems

Hi, I am brand new to PE and this is my first post.

I tried to start with the Newbie Routine, like suggested, but I have major difficulties with the grip for the stretches. I tried everything, even the latex gloves, but I can’t seem to get it right. I try to get a grip right under the glans, but it hurts, because I have to squeeze my glans so hard to get a grip. I am uncircumcised, maybe that makes it harder too. I am concerned I can hurt myself if I squeeze too hard.

Is there any trick or does anyone have suggestions what I could do different? I really want to get started with PE but this grip thin is a major obstacle. Please help!

Welcome to Thunder’s, mate. If you are trying to stretch and problems with grip, try cleaning and drying your hands and penis thoroughly. Try over hand or underhand or even further back from your glans. Whatever gets you the best grip. If you are still having problems gripping try rubbing some baby powder in both hands. Go slow and steady, you don’t want to rip the thing off, right? I have heard that some talcum powders can be course and may have an affect on your dick and on your lady friend if you don’t wash it all off. I haven’t had this problem with Johnson’s Baby Powder. Use the search button to look for more info.

I personally love stretching. I do it everyday and every chance I get. This accounts for my gains in length and not girth, but anyway…. I usually start with a gel heatpad for 5 mins to ensure a good stretch during my routine. It makes a huge difference.

Good luck and again, welcome to Thunder’s!

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Are you rolling back your foreskin? (You should if you aren’t.) Try to put all the pressure of your grip on the sides (not the top).

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Try to grab 1-2 cm under your glans with your foreskin pulled. Try it at 0% erect, 10% or 20% and see if you get any improvement. I sometimes wet my penis with a little water and with a dry hand I grab and stretch it, it seems this way I have a better grip. You will eventually find your technique.

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I use a cotton towel. It helps a lot. I’m uncut, too: at the beginning, grabbing under-head caused bruising; after a while, the penis became accustomed, and I never felt any discomfort when gripping.

Hi guys, thank you so much for your replies, I really appreciate it. I will take your tips and recommendations and try it again. I will give you feedback once I tried it. Again, I am really amazed about how everybody looks out for each other. A rare thing nowadays, I think I came to the right place.


Lol I am new too, and I am really surprised by this LOVE that people are showing me.Best forum I have ever been to.

Now I am even watching my spelling errors when I write:)

I too have just started doing the newbie routine for a couple weeks now and one question I had about the stretching is if I’m doing it correctly will I feel the stretch on the outside by the base or should it be kind of a more internal stretch feeling?

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More internal, Rusty. Maybe you are gripping the skin when stretching?

Originally Posted by marinera

More internal, Rusty. Maybe you are gripping the skin when stretching?

Thats what I’m wondering Marinera thanks for confirming that. I guess I’ve just been having problems getting a good grip even when pulling skin back and I am circumsized

Starting up again on:2/13/10: 6 7/8 BPEL x 4 3/4 EG Goal: 8 X 6.

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