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Greetings from SoCal .

Greetings from SoCal .

Hello fellow rod-stretchers - it’s a pleasure to join this forum. Although a bit mature (I’m 50), the southern CA lifestyle (along with some decent genes) has kept me active and rather young looking. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello - I’ve read quite a bit here, have embarked on a daily “newbie routine”, and am planning on having a stunning 12-inch-er in a few weeks. Naturally, I jest about the foot-long, but I would like to increase length and girth; and in addition, have stronger and longer-lasting erections. With a blend of patience and persistence, I’m excited. And finally, I’m grateful that such a site exists - there’s a lot of information on here. Any tips you can give to an active and healthy 50 year-old would be appreciated .. Thanks in advance!


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Hi Tool,

Glad that you are here!

I’m level 44 (or age 44) so good to see more seasoned Thunderers arrive. :)

Here’s a great post from Useless that can be a help: Useless - Should I be doing this?

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I recommend you continue with ithe beginners routine for 90 days or until you stop gaining. Start slow, and build up to the full routine over a few weeks time. Jelq with an erection level between 45% and 65% using a moderate grip, just enough to move blood up the shaft and to the glans. .

Pay attention to your PIs, your penis is trying to tell you if you are over working, or you are in the growth zone.Aim for positive PIs, and steer away from the negative ones.

Don’t forget to take good beginning measurements and photos so you have a solid base line to compare your future gains to

Good luck on your PE journey, PE safely.

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