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Greetings, and a few questions

Greetings, and a few questions


I’ve been lurking around here since December of.. 2002, haha. I haven’t made a serious commitment to PE over the past few years, but have instead taken upon the task to learn casually all the methods, advice, and experience the veterans here had to offer. During that time, I employed a mixture of routines, usually keeping current with them for a maximum of only two weeks before getting distracted and losing focus. My starting size is above average, and never something I felt was something I needed desperately to turn my attention towards. Well.. All that has changed now—I’m in it to win it! From all the wise words of people such as Wadzilla, Peforeal, Avocet, Bib, and so many more I’m forgetting to name, I’m confident my time spent will be as beneficial to gains as possible by careful examination of physical indicators and taking it slow and steady.

As to my routine.. Well, the newbie routine, of course! The thread “Collected Wisdom from Veterans and Big Gainers” was incomparably informative, as well as Wadzilla’s account of his conversation with his friend who experienced great gains from a gentle, but systematic routine that subtley coaxed inches from his penis, it seems shying away from overtraining to allow the penis time to grow accustomed (pun unintended) to the stress is a sure strategy. In detail, I hot wrap with a warm cloth for 5 minutes, followed by 200 3-second strokes. The strokes are performed with diligent pattern and even grip, very moderate so as to not encourage overwork. I finish with a hot wrap; I have decided not to begin length work until 2 weeks of successful jelqing in order to fully condition the penis to any kind of unusual stress, and carefully exercising the tissues with slightly heightened blood expansion seems a good method. But now.. A question.

Are slightly weakened erections after a workout, as well as a slightly decreased firmness of morning wood, indicative of overtraining? I must reiterate again that I am very careful not to use anything over a moderate grip, so it’s difficult to think overtaining is the problem—although, a term a relative as “moderate” is subject to perception, and may indeed be the case. My question, I suppose, is: Are weakened erections, not to the point of complete penile atrophy, but strength of perhaps 70-80%, necessarily a negative PI, or just the common occurance of a penis beginning to adapt to new stressers? It is also worth saying that after a workout, and at least through the remainder of the day (I PE in the morning), attempting to gain an erection through erotic visualization, or even with the usage of visual stimuli, is substanatially more difficult, and is only accompanied with the aforementioned 70-80% erection.

It isn’t a great cause for alarm, but, being a perfectionist (and especially as it comes to something as important as the big ‘ol guy downstairs), I want to make sure I’m covering my bases. All other positive PIs are in effect.. Longer flaccid hang throughout the day, fuller flaccid penis, no spotting, no lymph fluid building around the skin of the glans, etc. But, if the routine, or some technique I’m using throughout is leading to weaker erections when this occurance should not be present, I would like to know so as to correct it quickly.

As an afterword, I’d like to say a deeply earnest “thanks” to everyone involved in this forum. The amount of knowledge provided here and the willingness to assist those new to the routines is fairly mind blowing, and everyone is so respectful. I’ll consider this my half-assed introduction.. I’m 22, blue eyed, and eager to grow! I’m looking forward to learning from you all, and giving some advice when I can. Thanks for reading.. We’ll both be waiting eagerly for a response! I ain’t gonna touch The Man until I have your word! ;)

Originally Posted by GrowthIsGood
I’m 22, blue eyed, and eager to grow!

Hey! Same over here! *high five*
It seems like you’re doing everything right. Gentle newbie routine, positive PIs… as far as your weakened erections are concerned: I for myself am experiencing a decreased hardness directly after a workout just as well. But I am still getting back to 100% later in the day. So my question is: are you unable to go to 100% no matter what you’re doing or are we talking about casual erections that you don’t pay much attention to? E. g. if you’re having sex, does it stop at 70-80%, too?

Oh, and welcome to the best board on the entire Internet!

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Keep doing what you are doing for a couple of weeks; the erections should come back to full strength. It sounds like you are over training very slightly, which is causing the problem. As you have no other negative PI’s you won’t be overdoing it by much. If you are worried, cut the jelqs to 150 and add 10 more each session.

If you really want to be sure you are not overdoing the training, try getting full wood at the end of each session. If you cannot get it, you ‘may’ have over trained slightly. Many times I will struggle to keep it 100% for more than a short time after a workout, which means I have done enough to make my penis have to compensate/adapt to the stress. Usually after a couple of hours it’s back to full strength; always by the next day.

You seem to have a good attitude towards your PE and this site. Welcome aboard. :)

I think it would be fair to say that after exercising or stressing out any part of your body that there will be a temporary weakness in that department. After doing 6 sets of bench press there is now way your chest would be able to perform as well for at least two days. That seems to be the answer to all PE worries, give it a good rest.

PS-I have had similar experiences with my erections and have noticed that it only really happens when I neglect Kegels. So that would be my real advice, Kegel like a champ.

I have also had problems with erections after a workout. A day or two and it’s back in full force !! :D

Originally Posted by MrHillside

PS-I have had similar experiences with my erections and have noticed that it only really happens when I neglect Kegels. So that would be my real advice, Kegel like a champ.

This is too true, when I don’t do my kegels my erections don’t feel as firm and strong. I think their very beneficial.


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