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Greetings All.

Greetings All.

I am a newbie.. I have been reading lots of posts the last couple days. But of course I still have some questions that need to be answered. I am sorry to all the old timers if this has been already out there somewhere. So I read into the LOT theory, the only way I knew what you were talking about was the 2 illustrated diagrams I found. I tested my LOT it seems to be right around 9 o clock. Is this a good thing?

So it being at 9 o clock means I will benefit from ligament stretches? (For Length)

What would I have to do to gain girth?

Someone please point to a not so hard routine that I can try? Since my LOT is at 9, I am looking to gain length and girth both.

If this matters at all I have started to take VigRx

I would like as many opinions as I can.


Hi Meeni

Welcome to Thunders.

A routine, hmmmm, the newbie routine is the best one for you right now, and for the next 3 months. You will need to train your penis to the difference between exercise and masturbation for one, and two following the newbie routine lessens the risk of injury. Injury is BAD ok.

I cannot address your LOT question, but trust me, one of the guys will be along shortly.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Thanks to you both. Yes I did read the newbie routine thread. I did forget to mention I have been doing just manual stretching and jelqing for the last 4 weeks. I really have not seen anything gained, or nothing lost, actually I take that back, I do have one negative PI that I have noticed, and that is the lost of my morning erection. Could this be bad?

On the contrary good Sir, very good!

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By the way, make sure you warm up thoroughly. Oh yeh, and take a look at kegels when you get time. :)

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Beasty, so is this a bad sign? Should I continue doing what I have been doing?

And yes, I have read on the kegels. When I was doing them before my penis would jerk up, and then I would release and then the penis would go down. Is that normal?

No, Meeni. Morning wood is a good sign. :)

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Beasty One,

I have lost my morning wood. I still do not have it.

Start Date 4/15/06 EL 6.25", EG 5.0" ~~~> GOAL EL 8.5", EG 7.0"

UPDATE: 5/02/06 EL 6.5" (NBP), EG 5.375" ~~~> GOAL EL 8.5", EG 7.0"

Newbie routine, Meeni. Start with that routine first. I use it still along with some other advanced exercises. You see, I am taking my time. I started over 2 years ago, gained fast, got injured, took about 6 months off, lost about .675 of my gains. Lessons learned. I will take my time and do this the right way. What do you think?

Oh! Welcome to Thunders Meeni.

Originally Posted by Meeni
Beasty One,

I have lost my morning wood. I still do not have it.

Sorry Meeni, I misread. That’s not a good sign. Try getting kegels sorted, and warm-up thoroughly. Ask about morning wood again in a week when you have more experience - if you still have the problem.

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