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Green Questions

Green Questions

Hey there,

How lucky to find a forum such as Thunder’s Place. Not only a way to realise my dream of a larger penis but also a very mature and help full environment. I cannot wait to get to know the various persons with the same ambitions and help them out when I can or receive advice when others can give that.

Having said that I have a couple of green questions. But He that’s what this forum is for :) .

I started the newbie routine. I do 5 mins of hot wrapping. Then I start with 5 - 10 minutes of manual stretch. These seem to go fine. Then I start jelqing with an avg of 200 strokes. Now I know that jelqing technique takes time to perfect but I seem to do the movement pretty much like the one from the (wet) jelq video. After my session is ended. My penis does not really feel swollen .. And the only really part of my body that feels tense is my shoulder from all the hard stroking work :P. Is the trick to cut off my blood flow or keep a certain amount of blood in the penis? I am unsure what I am doing wrong here. Also maybe a good part of info is that I probably have what you guys call a grower which means a dick thats very retracted in flaccid state but becomes much bigger when erect.

Also when reading the PI thread I noticed that morning woods can be a PI. I have to admit I don’t often have morning woods. I don’t sleep much hours during the weeks and usually I only have them in the weekends if any at all. Is it normal to not have many erections during the day or waking up? When I want sex my erection is fine.

Also I read somewhere that that growers can gain more gains with harder work.. Can anyone enlighten me on that one?

Well sorry to bust in with such a questionnaire as a newbie.

Great forum :)


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1. Use the search function.
2. The “trick” in jelqing is to keep an amount of blood in the penis in each stroke, but also when you’re switching between strokes, fresh new blood gets into the penis. This is in contrast to exercises like horse squeezes, where you block to blood flow for a long time. Anyway, don’t do those things, just keep to the Newbie Routine and simple jelqing.
3. Your penis doesn’t have to be swollen after jelqing. It usually is, but it doesn’t have to be. The way to see if your session was good is usually on your rest day, when you should be able to see your penis hang fuller and longer.
4. Try sleeping more. Also do a lot of kegels for EQ. You should have morning woods… Maybe not every day, as that also depends on other things like you age and general health, but morning woods are a sign of a healthy dick and it is recommended to keep having them.

Best of luck :)

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Welcome Darksdancer and good luck with your gains.

If you get a sore shoulder it may be that you are using too much pressure(pull) It might be worth lessening the pressure and taking longer with each stroke.

Might be worth a try.

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