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Great girth!

Great girth!

Hey guys, I know the standard version of this exercise is already well known but I thought i’d share my recent success:

5 mins warmup

Using alternate hands use an overhand ok grip to clamp the base of your shaft (20-30% erection). Next take a hot wash cloth with your free hand and wrap it around your engorged unit; finally, grip very gently over the top of the washcloth (with your spare hand, starting with your index finger as close to your base grip as possible) then: one finger at a time (index to thumb, then middle finger to palm etc) squeeze your shaft through the washcloth until you feel blood begin to try and force your ok grip open (only slightly) at the base. Repeat this until your unit is well expanded, then perform another 2-3 reps ontop of your maximum expansion.

Doing this gently has given me great PI’s and growth, roughly 0.15” girth gain in a week.

I think its quite hard to understand, can’t make a short videoclip or paint it down in steps?

Thanks for sharing

Start: 6.3 BPEL x 4.5 MSEG & 4.5 BSEG

Now: 7.7 x 4.7 x 5.5 BSEG

Goal: 8 x 6

Maybe you are speaking of horse440?

Not like a horse440 Marinera. Let’s assume your base hand is going to be your right. You achieve a 20-30% erection then… clamp the base of your shaft (as close to your pubic bone as possible) with your index finger and thumb of your right hand. Whilst you maintain that hold: take a hot washcloth with your left hand and wrap it around as much of your shaft as possible. When the hot washcloth is wrapped around your unit next: grip as close to your base grip as possible with an overhand ok grip with your left hand. (so your thumb and index fingers from both hands should be touching, both overhand ok grips) Finally using your left hand, slowly press force through the washcloth by tightening your inded finger to thumb, then middle finger to palm etc one a time (I normally hold each finger pressure for 5 seconds)

Hope that helps in the slightest :D

How much have you gained from this?

I’ve actually gained 0.55 in girth in the last 3 months, the first 0.4 was gained through jelqing and occasional squeezes. This exercise seems to have broken the plateu i’d hit.

Interestingly, I do this in between pump sessions, but without the washcloth. It just makes sense to me. Also I do a modified horse 440 @ 50-80% erection level with a similar overhand grip by clamping the base with the left hand and the head with the right hand and while holding both positions firmly, I “push” both hand-clamps together. I do multiple 10 to 15 second sets…

What’s the washcloth for?

Just heat?

yep, as much heat as possible :D

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