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Great Gaining symptoms

Great Gaining symptoms

So I’ve been doing PE for a week ha ha. But I already have noticed a lot of good symptoms. I’ve noticed harder erections, a good morning wood every day or so. And I notice a fluffy texture to my unit while erect. My old erection would feel skinny and plain. My girth is only 5.2” at base and 4.5 just under the glands. But now my unit is not so plain. It’s sorta fluffy under the skin, like theirs a cushion between my skin and shaft. And my veins are popping out. Right on top in the middle this huge vein just pops out. It’s AWESOME!

I didn’t notice it till my girl mentioned it. I know she’s been with bigger guys, I don’t want to know if it was length wise or girth wise or both. Because it doesn’t matter. Because I’m going to be the biggest she’s seen. Theirs nothing worse than knowing she’s had bigger. That my drive right there. I’m very competitive so I’m gonna gain until she says I’m the biggest or faints while having sex.

And I know this seems like a very retarded question. But how do I know if I’m hitting the cervix? I do sometimes notice I’m barely hitting this nub object inside here. Every girl I’ve had sex with I’ve felt this nub. Is that the cervix?

I have a Question though. I always have one when I post. As I’m gaining, is my girls vagina going to accommodate the gains as I gain? Or am I gonna be able to surprise here one day with a massive cock?

With 6 inches you’re no where near the cervix. Lex Steele can put his whole cock in and not hit it.

Starting 1-14-09 NBPEL 5.75' EG 5', trying to feel snug in my girlfriend wish me luck!

Originally Posted by TupacLives
With 6 inches you’re no where near the cervix. Lex Steele can put his whole cock in and not hit it.

Not true. If Lex isn’t hitting it, its because he already went past it…in most cases. You don’t have to have a 10 inch dick to reach most women’s cervix, but you can slide past it and not know you past it.

Not sure how far it is on average, but many times guys with 6” can hit it, depending on the girl. The best way to educate yourself is to feel it with your finger first. Just when you are using your finger on your girl, slowly as she gets more excited, ( so you don’t cause pain) slowly reach deeper and move your finger all around. You should be able to reach far enough to feel a firm but soft structure deep towards the end of the vagina. You will know it when you feel it, because its completely different than the vagina.

Once you feel it with your finger, you will recognize it when you touch it with your penis…same thing a firm structure you “poke” when you are deep enough.

If you guys have sex often, she will accomodate to your size as it grows. If her source of fun from it is your size, then the chance of her enjoyment increasing as your size grows will as well… She’ll tell the difference regardless.

EDIT: I second you, Mr. Moderator Sir. /Edit

Hate to break it to you Tupac, but you’re wrong there. Lex Steele can’t even get his penis all the way in most girls, and if he does, the chances of her being PLEASED by that… Are slim. The amount of pain they go through with that is apparently really really excrutiating sometimes… (Hell they scream when they have babies… and the cervix is among the most important parts of having a baby…) Put a ruler up to your body, and imagine if you were a girl. 11” into you, what do you think you’d be hitting? For you, probably intestines. Why do you think in most porn videos the guys don’t go all the way in?

The cervix location varies from girl to girl, but nearly a foot into her body is rather odd to say you wouldn’t be hitting her cervix… Yes, it’s very possible that you’re hitting the girls cervix, Scott.

For girls, no matter who you ask, they generally tend to enjoy the thought of girth more than length, but a few extra inches in length never hurt anyone, unless you try to… -.- It opens more “horizontally” than it will going into her…

Here are a few sources on the female anatomy to prove my point on the cervix issue.

“The vagina varies in length from woman to woman, but is generally 3 to 6 inches long (from vulva to cervix). In addition, the vagina has the ability to stretch quite a bit, thus allowing an erect penis in, and a baby out. At the back of the vagina is the cervix, or the opening into the uterus. During sex where deep penetrations are experienced (either through positioning or with longer penii), the penis may “bump” into the cervix. This can be painful for the girl.”…male_repro.html…ces/Anatomy.pdf

If you need more sources, I’ll pull out some anatomy books for ya.

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I wouldn’t worry about being huge just yet… give it a few years.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Thanks a lot guys for the info. From the way sparkyx described it I’m defiantly hitting her cervix. Woo! Thanks for all the sources and links too. I’m barely hitting hit, and it’s only sometimes depending on the position. I really don’t desire a long cock, more girth wise. But who wouldn’t mind a 1” or 1 1.5 more ha ha.

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