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Got Tiger Balm on my member

Got Tiger Balm on my member

Well, my body was aching so I thought some Tiger Balm would do the trick, got the jar and took some on the finger, then started to massage my leg where it hurt. Then, by reflex (damn phallic issues) I reached for my penis, took it out and gave it a couple of loving strokes.. Then I realized what I had done. Soon enough it started to feel Really funny down there, can’t decide if it burns or is cold. But I also noticed that I got kind of engorged, the penis got a bit more veiny and “heavy”. Has anyone “tried” this? Maybe one could jelq with just a tiny bit of Tiger Balm? I don’t know, what do you think?

What exactly is Tiger Balm?

Tiger Balm is like Bengay. It is a deep heating ointment.

What do I think? I think you better be damn careful using that stuff on your genitals. Not for me.

Keep it away from your scrotum.

There seemed to be one or two kids that got forced to cover their scrotum in it every year at football camp. It never turned out well.

My skin is left smoother than ever before, I’m a bit sore though but that’s probably because I’ve done some pretty hard jelqing today. No other notable side effects.

The ingredients are:
* Menthol crystals 20% 9.6 oz.
* Camphor blocks 32% 15.36 oz.
* Beeswax 20% 9.6 oz.
* Petroleum Jelly 4% 1.92 oz.
* Oil of Clove 8% 3.8 oz.
* Oil of Cajuput 8% 3.8 oz.
* Oil of Cinnamon 8% 3.8 oz.
* Ammonium Hydroxide 1 oz. (Optional)

Is there anything potentially dangerous there?

Ammonium Hydroxide doesn’t sound good.

Unless you want to sniff it

There was a guy I used to work with whose girlfriend use to rub Vics vapor rub on his cock/balls before having sex. He said a little bit was actually okay, too much made his cock numb.


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Originally Posted by Kaiowas
What exactly is Tiger Balm?

Ancient chinese secret!

LOL no way it burns!!!


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