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got some gains!!

got some gains!!

hi guys its been a month since i started PE ( 16 september ) , ive start with erect length at 15 cm some times i got 16 but i really had to do a lot of strengh and i could hold it so i was 15 cm all the time , 2 days ago i measured and i was a clear 16, 5 cm !! i was amazed!! and since then i measured 3 times and i always get at least 16 cm and most of the times i get 16,5 cm , i still cant believe it!! im doing a improved newbies routine -

5 min hotwrap
10 min - 1 min manual stretch
250 - 3 second strokes - jelquing
5 hot wrap
100 kegels .

ill keep doing this routine for another month and i´ll see then what should i do . Im really happy i just need 4 more cm to get my 20 cm dick . Ill keep you guys posted!

That´s sweet, congrats to your gains!

Just make sure you don´t wish so hard for gains that you press the ruler tighter and tighter into the bone and “grow” that way, press as tight as possible from start.

Good news. I look forward to reading more good news from you in another month :) Bear in mind that people with easy gains to start with can often find gains slowing, don’t be dissapointed if it happens to you later on, its a test of commitment I guess.

glad to hear about your gains buddy,



Grats on the gains!! It’s good to see posts about gains because it can give inspiration to others. Keep going dude:)


Go for the GOALd!

Nice gains! Have you gained anything in the past month? Did you stretch out in one direction or all directions?


An inspiration especially for someone new to PEing like me! I’ve been basically following luvdadus’ example newbie routine…your’s looks similar to his, but with a few more jelq reps…Keep up the good work!

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