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Got Extender Now what

Got Extender Now what

Well I just bought a x4 labs extender and I heard if I do exercises and stretches that my results will be faster than just using the extender. I asked for help once before but no one wanted to help me. I’m looking for a good routine that I can so that would have fantastic results. I heard of clamping but you should wait 2 months after the extender. Can anyone please help me out. I don’t know how to get around on this site yet so if you can send me a link. I want girth and lengh. SO please help. Thanks

Look at the bottom at this very same page, my friend.

I said it one hundred of times: a manual based routine will likely work better and faster than an extender if one is a newbie.

If you have done a manual based routine and you can’t get anymore gains from it,then you can start using an extender : my personal advice would be to add a lighter version of the newbie routine, in the hope to cause some micro-tears in connective tissue. This should be done 3-5 days a weeks; also, take at least 1 days of complete rest every 5-6 days: give a break to your poor penis and your brain, even wearing an extender is stressing them.

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As others have already advised you, stick with the newbie routine for the first 3 months which will condition your penis for the tougher exercises that you will move on to as you progress. And the thing is, the newbie routine really does work. I know from my own experience. In fact, when I started using a Jes-extender for 4 hours a day and left out the manual stretches from the newbie routine, I actually lost a small bit of length. We are all impatient but it will take some time. Don’t be in too much of a rush my friend because, as they say, it’s not a sprint - it’s a marathon. Good luck.:up:

Good advice in this thread, thanks.

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Sorry guys for bothering but I have a question.. I just bought andropenis.. I decided to use it and also start the newbie routine as I am new to PE.. I want to ask if it is ok to do that? And how I am going to do that? I mean should I do the routine and wait sometime after to use the device? Or after using the device should I wait before doing the routine?

Do only the newbie routine, koumasi, so you’ll learn how different kind of stimuli work on you. This basic knowledge will be useful in the future. Adding the use of an extender unlikely will speed-up gains, while will make difficult to understand what works and how. Keep it simple and take it easy.

Thanks you very much marinera but not using the extender is just waste of money.. I only worried if the newbie routine is too much exercise including the exterder and if it is goin’ to be harmfull.. I bought a extender because I have a curvature problem.. So I am going to use it anyway and do the newbie routine very simple and easy to avoid any not wanted consequences.. Any recomendations about the routine combined with extender will be helpful.

The extender will not change your curvature at all, actually the only thing I ever got from my andro penis extender was better flaccid hang.

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Don’t expect the extender to be a “cure all” for your curvature problem koumasi. From the many articles I’ve read, the extender is merely an aid to help cement gains from stretching exercises, even though they are marketed as a magic lengthening device.

Use your extender at low tension for now, as you want it to help your stretching gains cement themselves. What you don’t want is to over condition your ligs and tunica too early. Putting your unit under high tension will also cause blood flow problems, and sensitivity issues if you overdue it.

Just don’t push it dude, the extender alone will probably not give you as much as a combination of manual, and the extender at low tension.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

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If there is one thing I have learned you can not make a newbie understand less is better lol. I know because I was once the newbie that would over do everything and lose my gains.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

So the extender won’t give me a curvature sollution.. Will the manual exercises will? I understand that less is better.. I am not trying to overdo with PE.. I thought that using the extender and the manual exercises it would be better results not from the start but in the a 4-6 month period.. I am trying to get better results after a long time passes not immediately.. Although really concerned about curvature.

Where is the problem in doing just the manual routine for three months and using (if you’ll still want) the extender after? Three months of extender usage will not change so much your curvature. Do a search about curve* and see what comes - you can form a better opinion.

Cosmo. Have you been through this document:…nis_dossier.pdf
Read it all through. It says a lot about curvature correction, length and girth gain.
I’m on my first month on andropenis now, and see gains already.. Both length and girth. Use it the way the manual teaches you. Don’t make your own assumptions. Be patient and don’t be afraid to rest a day if you feel you need to.
I also do manual exercises every other day, but let the stretcher do most of the job.


Stretcher schedule

I’ve been using a Euro-style strecther for 3 weeks and it seems that when I pull the penis head through the rubber tube to stretch it.. It fits just under the head - the device isn’t applying pressure against my pubic bone, but my head seems to feel stretched. - How do I strap it it to get some pull on the muscle and NOT just the head, pic attached.. In the pic it will appear that it’s applying pressure on my pubic region however - I’m sitting down LOL. Usually I have it pointing down my leg and my legs are straightened.. IS THIS HOW IT’s SUPPOSE TO WORK?


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