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Got an idea

Got an idea

Ok so I was j/o the other day and I noticed that when I came the veins in my penis became like.. Bigger like more blood was flowing through them.
So I thought to myself, what if I clamped down on it, and kept the blood inside.. Would it provide more elasticity for my veins to carry more blood and out of my scholng?

But you know.. No one wants to get injured, so if anyone has any info or comments or anything to help me, and others out. It would be greatly appreciated.


I am only a beginner myself with one month of PE under my belt (literally), but as a medical professional and having read about PE for a while, I think that such an endeavor will be bad to useless. Remember that when you ejaculate, there is a build up of pressure and sperm is released into the urethra. This pressure will be directed somewhere. I have even heard of sperm traveling backwards up the urethra into the bladder. My guess is that you will get “blue balls” for your efforts and the time of actual contraction will be insignificant to affect your gains as compared to regular PE exercises. Also, after ejaculation, your cells retract as blood is flushed away from the penis. Therefore your penis doesn’t relax in its engorged state for a good slow recovery. The senior members can probably add on this.

Are you talking about coming and then clamping down and holding the blood in the penis after ejaculation. I don’t see why that would present a problem at all. Now if you clamped down on your penis before you came then that would be a problem.

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cantgrow71321 - Most guys doing PE exercises find that their veins get larger as a result of it. I guess we have to ask what do you expect to happen if you keep your veins full of blood? Veins carry blood away from the penis. So what benefit do you see in having a larger ones?

Isn’t he just describing the basic cock ring or clamp concept? He noticed the increase as he peaked, but a cock ring or clamp will provide this vein/artery bulge effect so what’s the big deal?

Cant you get the same thing from “edging”?

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