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Got a new Girl


Welcome to Thunders toasty. Listen to sparkyx, it is all so true! Do not make the same mistake like i did in the past. I have been afraid of having sex just because of my dicksize which has been completly stupid as i found out later. Your size is more than enough to please a girl. So enjoy and have a great time with that girl. Sounds like she is nice, no reason at all to worry my friend.

Have fun!!!

Yeah, I’m also around the same size. Never had any complaints, but you always think about it by yourself.specially when your watching porn and some guys got a 9incher, and you just think DAMN!

You really do have to be confident, but think to yourself “I’m going to get even better and make her scream”. :P It’ll work.

This is a popular thread ;)
And I agree with you Craigy, haha. Erect length I’m really not that concerned about, an extra half inch would be cool though.. It’s my flaccid length that bothers me.

Does anyone else shrink whenever they do any physical activity?? Like when I run or play ice hockey or whatever.. Even doing weights sometimes my penis hides like a little scared turtle.. All the blood must be going to my muscles and away from my dick. Is this common?

Yeah mate, it is common! I bet someone here can explain you why (I have no clue), but i heard often about it!!


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