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Gootch getting buff

Gootch getting buff

Hey guys, thought I’d post this interesting little discovery..

PE is awesome, it’s a life saver, etc.. You’ve heard it before :p

However, one thing I’ve noticed is that the area between my nads and the back door, which I will refer to as, the ‘gootch’.. Has got a lot bigger!

It seems to have grown along with my unit, presumably from stretching it at all the angles. It’s thicker, meatier, and I can certainly see the change.

Certainly, it’s not concerning me at all, but it feels REALLY different to be sitting now as opposed to before PE!

Out of curiousity, has anybody else found particular scenario? (And what do you reckon the deal is?)

Stats measured from 15/9/08: *bpel: 5.75" *Eg: 4.5"

Current: *bpel: 5.75" *Eg: 4.75"

Long term goal: *7x6!* - You know, if you really want to please a healthy woman, all you need is love, honestly. But hey, why not have a big **** too?

Is that an Aussie expression? In the US that area is often called the “taint,” but the proper name is perineum.

Read this to learn about the muscle you’re exercising: Locating the bc muscle.

Yep that’s Aussie alright haha

My buddies and I call it the banus - a contraction of sorts for “the area between the balls and the anus”

"This is my boomstick!"

They called it a gooch in the “Jackass” Movie, so that’s why I call it gooch as well.


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