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Hi all I’m new to all of this stuff, I started as a major skeptic but once I saw that Wikipedia said that 2 university studies concluded that lengthening was possible by stretching, I figured there has to be a way to increase girth as well, I’m willing to give it a try I was reading the wiki linked at the top of the page and what it says about jelqing is that “To avoid the ‘goose-neck’ forming after some time,.blah” I’m not sure what a goose neck is.. Is that a thicker base? Because that would be ideal for me as the base of my shaft is a bit more skinny in comparison to the middle. If not could some one advise me appropriately to my ideal exercise program, also if someone could link me to this newbie routine that I have read so much of but still haven’t found that would be great. :)

Cheers for that, I see goose neck effect was either a typo for turkey neck or just similar, anyway I have done ALOT of reading since then, still curious if hanging is going to emphasize my baseball bat seems to a side that concludes it is your inner penis coming out (not ideal as mines thinner) and a side that concludes that your base is just strengthened, some answers would be much appreciated cheers

Originally Posted by WickedOne
I see goose neck effect was either a typo for turkey neck or just similar

Yep, good catch.

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