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Good skin is also critical for size gains

Good skin is also critical for size gains

Something I’ve personally noticed about my cock and gains, when you exercise your penis it obviously puts alot of stress on the skin, braking it or drying it out, this can actually make your penis shrink because the skin is tight and isn’t relaxed.
Having good skin will help it relax and hang because the skin will be moisturized and elastic. The skin takes alot of damage from PE exercises and is usually overlooked.

So give it a go, if you have dry skin, get hold of a cream, one preferably with bio oils inside and apply it every day and night to your cock and balls for a week and you should notice a difference.

I’m speaking from experience here I used to not cream regularly while doing PE and my skin got tight and irritated after a while and it made me think I was over training. But now every day I cream twice and I’ll never look back.
Not only does it help with size and the hang, it also improves looks, women hate ugly clocks with blotchy dry skin. Cream it and keep the tone good and moisturized. Should also make it more aesthetically pleasing to you and her.

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Someone here suggested trying coconut oil for jelqing. I’ve been doing that for the past few weeks and it’s been great; it does a really nice job of moisturizing and conditioning the skin. When I finish my session, I just grab my bath towel and wipe off the excess oil — no additional clean up needed. Oh, and my crotch smells heavenly!

I noticed that I was getting some stretch marks in the middle when i used to hang and I think it was down to having drier skin from PE but I’ve been told that if you moisturise every day or too much then your skin stops producing its own moisture and relies on the cream. That means if you stop using the cream your penis will get even drier- have you noticed this? Also, I figure if I use cream then when a girl goes down on me its going to taste weird for her?

I do try to use a little bit of cream every few days though because if you are getting bigger your skin have to be able to stretch as well.

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Good point. I use Vitamin E cream to treat my skin. I also use it on my glans as a lubricant while pumpiing. I also helps seal the base.

I use my wifes ceravie cream mixed with j-lube for all exercises edging etc. Never had any skin problems the cream leavs it refreshed feeling. The j-lube is a powdered water based lube which is awesome and cheap.

I have used coconut butter since I restored in 1991. It helped eliminate the circumcision scar also.


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