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Good or not

Good or not

Hi everyone, I’m new here even though I’ve found out about jelqing and PE from a few months and have done it off and on for a while. After I found this site I decided to dedicate myself to it more seriously, even though it’s still something playful and enjoyable for me. It could never be a “chore”.

Anyway, I got a few questions:
I often get red spots (noticed the thread below, might reply there later too) on my head after jelqing and have also always thought it was due to “good work”. True?

I usually “exercise” 30 minutes a day, at least these past days that I have time and usually alternate 3-4 minutes of jelqing (dry and wet) with 3-4 of stretching (both singularly in this or that direction, or in the rotating mode). Is that recommended, or is it better to concentrate on one thing at a time? Like one day only jelqing, another only stretching?

Also, every other day I end up masturbating after/during “exercise”, then sometimes exercise some more. Is that good, bad, recommended or to be avoided in your opinion/experience?

PS: one thing I haven’t read on these threads yet (but, I’m new and am sure others feel the same way too and might have talked about it) is how much fun this is!!
I love playing with my dick, always have and exploring and learning about my body while making a useful exercise is great! Don’t you guys think so too?

Ciao, thanks.

Malboroperoni , spend some time reading the threads and familiarizing your self with the info from the guys who’ve gone before. There’s more information in these forums than you could assimilate in a month. I gotta agree with you about how enjoyable it is, too. I’ve recently gotten some good response from my wife about size, and that’s fun, too. Good luck!

Yeah there’s so much to read, lots of great information.. I’m sure I can probably answer most of my questions just by reading here and there and have already answered some.
Thanks for your reply!
PS: I also have to say I really agree with the “correct spelling” policy. Language and a correct use of it is a great and simple way of keeping a culture alive and also a detector of any given culture’s health and I believe (here in Italy it’s the same as in America and we aren’t doing very good) we’re exaggerating with all the abbreviations and all that.

Great site, ciao.

Red spots are not usually bad if they occur during the early stages of your program and eventually fade away after a week or so of conditioning yourself to the exercises.

However, the way you are alternating jelqing and stretching is probably aggravating your red spots and they may just get worse. That is because jelqing forces blood into your penis and when you then grip it for stretching, you can burst capillaries because your stretching grip which is quite firm is acting on a blood engorged shaft and head.

It is much better to do all of your stretching first and then move on to the jelq portion of your routine. If you jelq correctly using moderate pressure, the red spots should disappear after a week or so.

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