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Good or Bad, What do you think

Good or Bad, What do you think

I’ve started PE about 3 months ago and still currently doing the newbie routine. I got some gains but I think it’s time I add more time to my routine. I’m 6.75nbp and 4.5eg and want to increase both very much. The only thing is I don’t really have the time to spend doing both exercises for girth and length on the same day. So I was wondering if this routine would be good:
Day 1- 20mins of stretching
Day 2-20mins of jelqing
Day 3- 20mins of both together.
1 day rest.

Good idea or bad idea?

Well since you’ve reached the 3 month mark, you dick is obviously used to the stress. With that being said however, I’ve found that rest days are very important (even though I’ve only been PE-ing for about 7 weeks) and I think that if you are going to intensify your routine, you should have 2 rest days following your 3 workout days. Other than that it sounds like it would be intense, but not too much for you to handle. If you try it, just make sure you pay attention to how your dick feels.

Are you happy with your length? Which do you want more? Girth or length?

If you want to take things slow, and are still concentrating on length at the moment, consider making a Capn’s Wench, and use it as a manual stretch aid.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

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I understand that you want to gain both length and girth; I do as well. If I could start over though, I would have concentrated on my length goals only before moving on to girth work. I believe it is easier to stretch a thinner penis than a thicker one. With that said, jelqing is just fine and not really considered and advanced girth exercise, and excellent for penile health if done properly. I would focus as much time on length as possible, and some girth may come for the ride as well (especially base girth). Besides, with such limited time it may be difficult to achieve growth in both directions anyway. Good luck!

Keep it up and make sure you have a rest day. Keep going and see where you want to kick it up a notch and where you want to concentrate - girth or length. Because I am a good length gainer and horrible girth gainer, if I was to start over, I would concentrate more on girth than length. I’ve reduced my length exercises a bit and have been concentrating on jelqing, Horse squeezes, and clamping. I’m already noticing a difference. See what works for you.

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I think 3 on and 1 off is fine, because your penis is conditioned. I think you can add a minute or two of stretches on the jelq day, and a minute or two of jelq on the stretch day. This doesn’t take that much time, and maybe beneficial.

Good luck.

Hmm I’m pretty happy with my length, but then again I wouldn’t mind getting to 7 or 7.5inch. Hopefully I can get some length as well as girth from jelqing and other exercises

I think you should start pumping. Although permanent gains would take time, with pumping you would see an instantaneous girth gain that would put you over 5” girth pretty easily and I think you would be very impressed.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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