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GOOD NEWS for those who have tried and quit, tried and quit again.

GOOD NEWS for those who have tried and quit, tried and quit again.

I know we are all different in how fast, how much we can gain, ect. However, I have noticed that having done this off and on over the years, every time I come back to P.E., I gain quickly. I will admit that I have never done it long enough to cement any gains I get. But within a few days of dry jelqs I am getting fatter. I also notice I get a bit longer from wet jelqs almost as quickly. I think this is like when you lift weights, then quit, then start doing it again, you get stronger & bigger faster than someone who has never lifted before. It’s almost as if since you are a certain size previously, you are able to get back to that size faster. Has anyone else noticed anything like this?

Yes.. Deconditioning breaks really work very well.

Naah. It is breaking news. :D

Just kidding. Yeah your body has ‘memory’ - and your penis too, so it seems.

Just as I had suspected fellas. Thanks for the input. Hopefully this may encourage anyone who has given up on P.E. The motivation they need to come back to P.E.

(Shouts across the room).. Hey, all you guys that gave up from being lazy or getting an injury, did you hear that? There are some fast gains waiting on you out there! So stop lurking and start jerking!

Originally Posted by mike5150

Stop lurking and start jerking!

Lol this should Be on the homepage when registration is open. New motto for TP

Start:7.5 BPEL X 5 MSEG

Goal: 7 MSEG

Heere We GOOooh!

The main thing is staying with it. There’s a phenomenon in any kind of routine program, I call The 7 Week Itch. That’s when most people fall away from anything they start that requires long term adherence.

I’ve been there with PE many times. The apparent initial gains when you resume aren’t the only reason to be motivated.

You also come back to it smarter, with more knowledge about your stumbling blocks and more personal tools to stay with it longer. You might even have ideas about things you could have been doing better and your technique will improve. One of the biggest things for me was understanding how to design a more efficient routine in the space of 40 minutes instead of 60.

Failure (or apparent failure when you stop doing something) is sometimes an essential part of any learning process.

Originally Posted by mike5150
I will admit that I have never done it long enough to cement any gains I get.

Maybe I am missing the point… But how is this ‘good news’? Starting from scratch every time must be super depressing! You should keep doing it mate!

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