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Good news, annoying news, advice

Good news, annoying news, advice

The good news!
So, today while doing my routine (newb routine, with a couple modifications), I noticed while jelqing that it looked longer than normal, so I decided to measure it. I did a full jelq and stretched it out at the end of the jelq and held, measured it, and to my surprise, it was almost BPEL 8”, maybe closer to 7.75” but almost!! Keep in mind this is not fully erect, and while engorged and stretched. My erect BPEL seems to being staying constant at 7.25, but this is the most I’ve ever measured at any state (erect, flacid stretch, etc). So I hope that my erect BPEL will follow suit soon!! :) And hopefully girth also.

I started out in August with BPEL 6.25” and rather quickly shot up to 6.75-7”, however I have a suspicion about 1/2” of that gain was maybe due to EQ and maximizing what was already there. I seem to remember in high school being about 6.5” BP, but never 7”. But like I cared where it came from, it was THERE! LOL. I seemed to have hit a wall at 7.25” mainly due to it being hard to have a consistent schedule, which really really sucks. I wonder where I’d be if I’d have been consistent since August and not had so many breaks here and there. But I’m trying!!

Now, for the annoying news! Advice?
In order to try and break this length wall I’ve hit, I wanted to change up my stretching routine. Stretching a little bit longer duration, and stretch with a little bit more force then before (I’ve always felt that while stretching I’ve been giving a good tug and have felt that it couldn’t go any further, at least without pain, but had never tried for more). I did this once, and did an SO stretch and could visibly see it stretch out farther then what my previous stretches were doing. This excited me. However, second time I did it (next routine) I got red spots. This didn’t excite me. Then, after a week of resting, I decided to go back to how I did my old stretches, and on like the third stretch, I could see red spots again. I’ve never gotten red spots before from stretching.

I figure it’s grip related since I’m stretching a little longer and harder. I don’t feel I changed my grip much but can’t think of any other reason. I warm up with plenty of heat, and stretch BEFORE jelqing, so it’s got to be grip. My question is, how can I go more intense with these stretches w/o having this happen? I mean in order to pull it out farther, I need to grip a little bit tighter, (otherwise my hand slips) and I think that’s what’s causing it.

I figure I just got to trial and error to figure it out, but I thought I’d ask. Any tips?

If you’re gaining at the rate you say you are you don’t need to change anything at all!

Those red spots aren’t really much to worry about anyway.

Originally Posted by Tweaking
If you’re gaining at the rate you say you are you don’t need to change anything at all!

Those red spots aren’t really much to worry about anyway.


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