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Good this even possible

Good this even possible

Hey guys.

Anyway, after roughly 2 weeks of semi-serious pe’ing, I decided to take a measurement. I wanted to wait longer, but I figured, what the hell? When I started I was 6 inches bpel. And even that was a generous measurement. So you can imagine how floored I was when I measured in at 6.7 inches! Is this even possible? Have I gone crazy? I know that it’s probably like working out and I shouldn’t get too excited at first and that gains come quick and then plateau, but I never expected this.

I’ve been doing warm-ups under hot water, manual stretching a lot (probably over 30 mins a day), and then about 500 jelqs a night. I’m also taking extagen but from everything I’ve read on this site, that stuff is bullshit. Granted, I bought it before I found this forum. I’ll finish the bottle and then forget about it.

I used to wonder how all these guys on here said they we’re “addicted” to pe’ing. Now I know. It’s because it works. As soon as I have some extra money, I’ll certainly be donating. I’m still in disbelief. But it’s a good feeling. =)

Wow, thats great, ride those newbie gains for all they’re worth! Keep it up!

Good God, it is possible :) Congratulations on your first gains, if you have an interest in supplements learn more about them. You can buy higher doses of the main ingredients of those “magical” penis pills at a health food store for much less. Take a peek at this link for more info.


Glad to hear it de omega,

to keep those fast early gains, stick with it and don’t let them get away.

I stopped PEing for 1 1/2 months once and lost around a 1/4 inch in girth. I’m now trying to recover that 5 months later. Good luck and keep us posted in this thread.

Sep. 2003: 7" bpel x 5" eg June 2004: 7 & 1/4" bp x 5 & 3/8" eg Jan. 2005: 7.5 x 5.5 Goal: 8x6 "I always knew pe existed but didn't know where to start, until I found Thundersplace."

de omega,

Well done man, keep it growing!


Great gains, man! I am getting a bit jelous here since I haven’t got any yet :( but again I didn’t work as intensively as you did.


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