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Good advice I think

Good advice I think

When starting PE, I found the jelqing movement to be quite difficult. It was next to impossible for me to keep the jelq in a steady fluid movement up my shaft, it would often get stuck and I would have to work my hand to complete the stroke. I’d been using a no-name liquid lubricant, and I have read here that a favorite is actually Vaseline. I stayed away from it because of it being more difficult to clean up afterward. But I want to tell everyone reading this(and my apologies if this is redundant):Vaseline is the way to go. I just finished trying it for the first time and I had my best jelq workout to date. I could maintain a perfect erection level and the strokes could be done effortlessly. I know many, if not most of you, already use Vaseline, but if you don’t, it could be the obvious solution for you that at first evaded me because of my trivial preconception to it’s use. Happy stroking.

It is indeed good advice jesmid. I think everyone should experiment a little to find what works best for them. Personally, I have found Astroglide to work best, as it allows me to use less pressure for some reason.

I’ve been using body lotion and warm water. seems to go just fine, and i feel like its good for my cockskin and easy to clean up.

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