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Gonna start for real, advice?

Gonna start for real, advice?


I have been aware of this website and PE-techniques since I was 18, I’m now 22 and I also tried it out half-heartedly when I was 18-19 but I had no discipline and only did erect wet jelqing while watching porn. I have now read more and realized this maybe wasn’t so smart haha..
I’ve come to the decision that I will give it a try FOR REAL this time. I will do the newbie routine for at least 6 months (or until I don’t see no increase anymore) and I will post all results here. I will also take pictures to confirm for myself if it works (for me) or not.

My current measures are (roughly):

BPEL: 6 inches (15 cm)
EG: 4.3 inches (11 cm)

Currently my penis is wider at the base and it’s circumference get smaller the longer out you come, can this be changed by some PE-technique? (Right now it is: 12 cm base, 11 cm middle, 10 cm top)

My goal is to on day attain these measurements, roughly:

BPEL: 10 inches (25 cm)
EG: 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)

I do realize these seems to be a bit wishful, has anyone ever gotten such gains?

Some more questions:
I usually have the problem that I get erect when I stretch/jelq. Should I jerk off before to prevent this from happening?
Since I did try this for around 4 years ago, is it possible that I have already stretched my ligaments to the maximum and this “newbie” routine won’t work?

Best Regards,
New guy from Sweden

- Don’t jerk off, just let the erection subdue and start again.
- Start from scratch, 4 years is a long time.
- We all seem to be different in respect to girth, however it is possible to even girth out for most. How? You’ll have to try, starting with jelqing first.

And no, you’re not going to get those gains. Or the statistical chance of being gifted in such a way that you’ll make those gains, barring the vast amount of time and knowledge required, is similar to the IQ of a rock.

Happy stretching!

You seem to have a good plan.

Go for it, and see where will it take you, a gain is a gain, and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised, even if you don’t get to be 10x6.5 you will be bigger than you already are now, not that size matters that much anyways. :)

Read a lot from this forum about every question You have. I bet most of it is answered.

After about 1-2 years of solid PE You should decide how many work and how many years left to achieve that goal.

Decide how much per week You can do to increase the size of penis. Usually, more time- better results (except first 2-4months when I recommend Newbie Routine).

Monitor Your routine, gains, PI’s and overall observations- this really helps.

And the primary rule: better have a smaller, but healthy, than bigger and limp.

Hope this helped. Happy PE.

Originally Posted by Gothfinger

My goal is to on day attain these measurements, roughly:

BPEL: 10 inches (25 cm)
EG: 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)

Good luck with those goals. I don’t get it. Why not start with realistic goals. Those kind of goals can be so disappointing.
Start with a .25 to a .5 inch goal and work from there. Once a .25 or .5 inch goal is reached, get another goal another .25 of .5
inch goal. Take thing in steps, because the huge leaps can cause you to fall on your disappointed ass.

C’mon people lets get real. This is so easy. set a small goal, reach it, set another, reach it, and set another, as I have always
posted, be careful what you wish for. Do you like to be deep throated? Deep throating 10 inches may only get obtained when
you are with a camel.

Thanks for the replies!

I do realize it’s probably an impossible gain but I mostly set it up because I don’t want to stop as soon as I see an increase of 1 inch in length or girth. With this goal I will have the motivation to keep going anyway =)

Yes I’m gonna be super-happy about ANY gain, won’t be disappointed if I never reach that goal.. So don’t worry.

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